Was all of this (til chapter 391) to ??extract Orochimaru?

Topic pretty much says it!!!

Oro was easily beaten again and somehow I dont think this villain would go down this easy! Sealed forever??!! Bah....

Will Itachi reveal his true intentions? Or is it my inner wish that Itachi would turn out to be a good guy? And die in the end telling something very important and plot twisting to Sasuke?

I dunno but I can dream of it!:p
what do you mean all of this? the uchiha fight? no it was also to settle their differences and reveal more mangkeyou jutsus and also more flashbacks about madara, and itachis' motives. but yeah orochimaru exiting sasuke is part of the reason for their fight sure
no this fight had a lot more to it than just extracting Oro - even though that's a part of it. But mabey they can make itachi good this way and then make sasuke good via itachis influence in this fight. Then they cood do a sasuke ark...
But there is more. We can eventually estimate the sharingans strength. It's immense but it's not way to absolutely super duper awesomely oder godly done... LoL
Of course we got rid of Oro too... I don't quite get why he was sealed in the first place...
(you're right in that way)
and we've got this fight over with... yeah that's about it...
oro is comin back, more hardcore than ever.....i say hes gonna take ita, hes too crazy to let himself get screwed over like that

mini theory!

oro let sasu take him over so he could stay inside knowing that he would one day fight against itachi and do alot of damage and theyd both be weakened, but in said fight he would be watching from behind the scenes the whole time and decide who would be more worth while to take over
If itachi turns out to be a "good" guy after slaughtering his parents and putting sasuke through all of that i wont be pleased.
No way Itachi is a good guy. I think that killing oro (for good) and removing the curse seal from sasuke will end his rampage of murders. I.E. oro, deidara, itachi
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