Urahara Theory

I was just thinking about a series of events that have now just clicked to me, bare with me as I list them down and later explain.

Remember the episode/chapter where Ishida released the Hollow candy in order to compete with Ichigo in the number of Hollow they killed and the Grand Menos appears? How did Urahara know that a Grand Menos was going to appear? Ishida said himself that the Hollow candy wasn't enough to attract that much Hollow. What was Urahara's intent in letting Ichigo fight it? Something fishy was going on?
Remember when Ichigo was being trained by Urahara on how to get his Shinigami powers back and he was going through lesson two? When Ichigo was about to transform into a Hollow, why did Urahara stop the girl from blasting him? Besides the reason he gave, could their be another reason?
Remember the episode/chapter when Urahara made a gateway to SS and when he touched the gateway, it repelled him?

Now according to Aizen, the reason why Urahara was exiled from SS is because he created a Gigai that was completely untrace able by SS. More reasons could exist. Anyhow, here is where the juicy part comes, especially with Ichigo's dad appearing and all.

My theory/theories are that Urahara and Yorouchi weren't the only ones to escape from SS. Another person came with them and that was Kurosaki Isshin. Now, if they were being pursued, they'd need to conceal themselves from SS. Now, Yorouchi has her cat form. I assume SS can't trace that. Urahara is very powerful so I'm sure no Shinigami except super powerful captain-class ones want to mess with him. Now, what trick is Isshin using? I say, Urahara made him one of those untracable Gigai to use and marries a human. Thus, Ichigo and family pop out.

Now to cover other matter I raise with the three points. In the first point, I think Urahara used the event of Ishida releasing the Hollow candy to summon a Menos for Ichigo to fight, sort of like a test to tap into his greater power. In the second point, I believe Urahara intended to not just stop at obtaining Shinigami powers for Ichigo. I believe Urahara wanted Ichigo to also obtain powers beyond Shinigami. Now, the last point, why was Urahara repelled. The only thing I can think of is that he has gone beyond Shinigami into Hollow territory.
I think you might be over thinking this. I think he might have just sensed the menos, and the 'big secret' was that he was once a shinigami captain. Some people are talking that he's in league with Aizen, but I doubt that.
Ok. Your theories were pretty much what I thought happened anyway so this isn't anything new to me. But the part about Urahara being repelled because he entered hollow territory...I don't think so. The he was repelled was because he was exiled from SS. Period.
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