Urahara CGI drawing


So I was bored, and instead of studying for my Japanese Proficiency test, I did this. Using a mouse and just drawing flats, then subtracting with shapes, and zooming in for the finer details. Unfortunately my photoshop crashed halfway through, luckily I still had a saved jpg of it, but not a psd, hence I lost all the layers, and therefore it came out slightly more half-assed than I wanted it to. Anyways, mindless babble aside, here's the finished deal.

I wasn't that satisfied with the hat. Rest is decent.
Programs used: Photoshop.
that's really really good. It's too bad you crashed, I'll bet the original was truly awesome.
Looks pretty good :amuse The hair looks well detailed and the hat is drawn and colored well. Shading is alright and the color choice looks fine.
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