Undeclared (Judd Apatow's old TV show)

Has anyone seen this? It was shown back in 2001. I just recently became obsessed with this show. It's fantastic, honest, and genuinely funny (unlike Apatow's other works, theres not a lot of really dirty jokes and comments). It's also heavily improved and the characters are actually based on the actual actors themselves. On the exception of the main character, the rest of the characters were made after the actors got casted, which is interesting.

It's a really shame that it got canceled (despite good reviews). But I guess that's what happens when Fox shows it out of order and the fact that it was shown after 9/11 occurred.

Nonetheless I wanted to share the love of this show.

You have a lot of great actors on this show.

Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up , Million Dollar Baby, upcoming Fanboys and Ben Stiller's Tropic THunder), Charlie Hunnam (Queer as Folk [UK], Cold Mountain, Greet Street Hooligan), Seth Rogen (Knocked Up, Superbad)
Monica Keena (Freddy vs. Jason), Timm Sharp, Loudon Wainwright III
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