Ukitake sketch <3 it's me again:laugh

I want to thank all my lovely reviewers(from my othe thread here) for boosting my self-confidence...really :glomp

So I decided to post another sketch as well:nod:nod
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Nice sketch, you should color it though so it looks better. Plain facial expression though, and stance also, but that's how is.
I was aiming for the sad expression thingy....guess i failed T__________T
Thanks for the review anyway, i appreciate it :>
It looks nice - his hair looks great and the crosshatched shading looks wonderful! Coloring it would make it better!
VERY nice!:) Great job on the sad expression thing. ....awww, I want to make him a nice cup of tea and cheer him up.:amuse
Thanks Depp ^-^. You are quite skilled yourself, i wonder why i haven't come across some of your threads :>

Thank you *hug*

Cheers, Flamy :>
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