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Trouble With Live Nation's Interactive Map

I am planning to purchase tickets to a concert via Live Nation, using their interactive map, in which a customer may select a specific seat for which to purchase a ticket, but that map is not working. Whenever I attempt to access the map, I receive an error message that reads "the map is acting up, let us find tickets for you," which is very annoying, because I like being able to choose my specific seat.

I have already been to no less than twelve concerts in the past several years, and I used the interactive map on Live Nation's website to purchase tickets for all of those concerts and encountered no problems in doing so, so I do not understand why there is a problem with it now. I sought assistance from Live Nation's website, and it stated that I needed to have the newest version of Adobe Flash player, which I installed, and the map still would not work. I then restarted FireFox (my default browser) in safe mode, and even used Internet Explorer, but neither of those worked, either, so it seems that the problem is with the website itself, not with my computer.

What does everyone else here say about this subject? Is there anything that I can do, or do I need to wait until the issue with Live Nation's website is resolved?
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