Pretty good. You just missed cutting out the 2 lines on the edges. As for the DA watermark. You can always color over them.:awesome
Pretty good, the borders are sharp. There are just a line or two that you didn't manage to erase :sag
Pretty good job ^^

I see you missed like a little line on the side, but that is not bad. For your 1st time I am impressed :amuse

As for the watermark...I am not sure what to say :(
For a first transparency it's alright. You missed a few things here and there and the DA watermark is shown.... However i think this picture seems WAY to easy to post on the forums. I would suggest taking on something with a little more difficulty. Not something hard or too easy so we can really say WOW!
thx everyone thx for all the critiques i learned to transparent usin the lasso tool from close lookin through his render shop lol dodnt try till like the time i tried
Its a deviant art image.. don't use stuff like that off deviant art.. Though for the rendering its ok though you missed some parts to erase.
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