Tousen wins in Karakura town

Will Tousen singlehandedly win the Karakura battle?

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As I just posted in my other thread after thinking it over for a while, Tousen could REALLY wreak some havoc in Karakura town. The captains will likely stick close together, so they don't get isolated and picked off one by one. Thus, if Tousen gets an opportunity (likely through Aizen's illusion) to capture everyone in his Enma Korogi, they will be completely and utterly fucked. Devoid of all of their senses but touch, they've got two choices: Stand still and wait around while Aizen completes his plan, or attempt to find Tousen inside the balloon, killing/heavily wounding eachother in the process.

This is my prediction, Tousen will cause the single biggest impact in this fight, keeping all 6 of the Gotei captains incapacitated the entire time it takes for Aizen to accomplish his plans.

When will people learn the name Tousen only invites scorn?

In b4:
'Lol, Tousenfodder!'
'Tousen will be one-shotted by *insert name of fucking anybody ranging from Kon to Hitsugaya*'
'Hehe, Tousen...'
'Tousen sucks!'
'Tell Tousen a Kenpachi has come :zaru'

I must admit, though, that would be a great mindfuck. A tad boring, though, having all the captains standing around in the dark...
In the mind's eye of the greatness that is Tousen, all are fodder. One of the bitch captains will wind up a speech and Tousen will just bitchslap them.
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