Tournament Match 15: Aizen Sousuke vs. Smoker

Who do you think would win?

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  • No immortality
  • Can't move as fast as or faster than the speed of light (However, they can move at a speed that's about the speed of light)
  • Can't destroy the planet
  • Fighters can't time-travel during the fights or revive themselves from the dead
  • All characters with the power to destroy planets will be de-powered enough so that they can't
  • No nigh-indestructable shields (such as Dark Schnieder's 200+ barriers or Aka no Ou's barrier)
EXTRA RULES (only in effect for this match):
  • Aizen can be seen and attacked.

On a Marine base in the Grand Line, Smoker was waiting impatiently for a ship to arrive. This ship contains four of the top-ranked members of Baroque Works, including Crocodile, the former Shichibukai. Smoker was torn between his current quest to see Monkey D. Luffy in chains and his orders from his superiors to bring Crocodile to Impel Down. The only reason Smoker was even listening to his superiors was because he wanted to see Crocodile locked behind the Seastone bars of the Marine's top prison. The ship finally sails up to the shore, but it's obvious that it was attacked on its way. The ship was poorly patched together, and there were burn marks along the edges of the pieces of wood and steel holding the ship together. Before Smoker could ask any questions, a man taps him on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, but could I get through?"

"Get lost. This is no place for a civilian."

"I was only asking for formalities sake. My name is Aizen Sousuke. I am here to kill a man named Crocodile."

Smoker turns around to face the man, who appeared to be the intellectual type. "There's no way that's going to happen. As long as I'm standing, the only way that Crocodile's going to die is a public execution, not being killed by some nerd like you!"

"Then you leave me no choice." Aizen gets into a fighting stance, and Smoker chuckles.

"You honestly think you can beat me? Well, if you have the intention of getting in the way of official Marine business, then it's my duty to stop you. I'll follow my own way of justice, even if it means killing civilians like you."

"Well, I am not bound by 'justice', or any morals whatsoever, so I won't have any qualms about killing you."
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I'm voting for Aizen. Since they're right near a dock, Aizen can just use his hypnosis to trick Smoker into jumping into the water.
If you see his sword even once when he activates his Shikai (which he can do silently), then you're under the spell for good. He controls all five of your senses, as well as your reiatsu sense (which can arguably be substituted for ki/chakra/other energy source sense in matches against characters from other universes). You only experience what he wants you to experience.

Limits are you have to actually see his sword when he activates the Shikai for it to work, and if he is not an expert at details then flaws can be determined (the head of 4th division, I forget her name, the medical specialist, was a bit skeptical about Aizen's body, which was an illusion, due to the fact that Aizen didn't have the medical knowledge she did).
Megadoomer said:
Could someone explain to me how Aizen's hypnotism works, and what limitations it has?

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I'd say Aizen takes this one.
Although, I'm left wondering how Logia defenses would react to attacks of spiritual/physical energy (Chi/Ki/Reiatsu/Nen, etc.)
Ichigo Prime said:
Well, he'd be under Aizen can make it feel like Smoker has activated his logia when he really hasn't.

I don't know. Aizen himself doesn't know how it feels, can he do that? And can Smoker "turn off" his senses by turning into full logia state?

There are way too many unknowns in this match.
^So true.

I don't know. Aizen himself doesn't know how it feels, can he do that? And can Smoker "turn off" his senses by turning into full logia state?

Smoker can probably see even when in Logia form, how would he able to fight anyone if not? Still arguable though.

With complete hypnosis there are tmany opportunites to killing Smoker - one I liked was that one about making him walk into the ocean.

I think Aizen might win even without his Shikai, if Kidou works on Logias that is.
Unless Smoker giver Aizen some really lethal lung cancer he's not gonna win that Shikai is broken....Aizen should've been stripped of his sword.

Aizen for the broken ass win.
I have a good ending planned if (or, most likely, when) Aizen wins, but it doesn't involve Aizen making Smoker walk into the water.

As for Aizen's sword being banned, some people might complain if I do it mid-match. As well, his next opponent will probably be Z, who is usually considered cosmic-level. If Aizen's hypnotism makes people vote for him over a cosmic, then I would remove it in the next round.

EDIT: Actually, do you think I should ban Aizen's sword now, wait until he gets to round two, or wait until he gets to round three (if he gets there)?
I thought that a zanpakuto was a regular sword with no special powers (as I've said many times before, I don't know much about Bleach). I didn't know it triggered Aizen's hypnosis. I changed the summary so he didn't draw it right away.
I still think Aizen wins. Even if we do assume that Smoker cannot be hypnotized in logia form he still has no way of hurting Aizen.

We are talking about a guy who can walk on air and blocked Ichigos bankai with his finger (know he was worn out, but still). There is also the fact that he seems really good in Kidou - taking out a captain with a 1 hit KO (without the incarnation). This Kidou would hurt smoker?

If we assume that Smoker is immune to the hypnosis and kidou I still can't see him hurt Aizen. So it's either a stalemate or Aizen wins.

So I still say Aizen.
Well, this is incredibly one-sided so far (not as one-sided as, say, Enishi vs. Janemba, or any other match where one character gets zero, but still, there's little to no chance that Smoker will come back and win), so I'll write the ending now.
Aizen grabs his zanpakuto and draws it. Before Smoker can turn into smoke to avoid Aizen's attack (thinking that Aizen is going to try to slash him), Aizen quickly activates Shikai, and the Marine captain is hypnotised by Aizen's sword. Suddenly, Smoker seems to be sent to a dimension that greatly resembles Hell, and Al Kahn, CEO of 4Kids, appears in front of him.

"What did that freak do?"

Al Kahn speaks, but his voice is distorted and booming. "Greetings, Captain Smoker!"

Smoker draws his jutte. "How do you know my name?"

"That is of no importance. Now, prepare to enter a world not unlike your very own... Except for the fact that we control what happens in it!" A portal forms in front of Smoker, showing him another world... One where Marines are armed with Super Soakers, cigarettes are changed to lollypops, and large black plotholes cover portions of the world. The island of Little Garden, in particular, is completely covered. "Now, let us explore further!" The more Smoker sees, the more confused and terrified he becomes.

In the world outside of the illusion, Smoker is screaming, clutching his head. Aizen walks by him. "That was too easy. Now, to continue with why I came here..." Aizen, using his Shinigami powers, withdraws Crocodile's soul from his body, and puts it in an inescapable container. "This one in particular will make a strong Hollow, and eventually, an Arrancar." Hypnotising the rest of the random Marine grunts that were present into thinking he was never there, Aizen walks away. "On to the next target..." Aizen seems to disappear into thin air.

---Aizen ADVANCES!---
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This made me think, I don't think there have been any discussions so far on Bleach characters performing reiatsu release to surpress an enemy's movement. We know that despite his huge reitsu, Ichigo doesn't seem able to do this. We have seen though, how captains release reiatsu with the intent of surpressing movement. Does such a technique work on Smoker?

On a side note: If Rukia knows shunpo, I think Rukia vs. Smoker would be really good match.
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