Naruto ~?Touch of Death?~ The Itachi's Poke fanclub


Welcome to the Itachi's poke fanclub!!!
(Geez, I looked over 25 fc forum pages, there's not even one fc created..I think! So it's going to be my honor ^.^)

If you ... :

1.Think Itachi's the Sm3X, and G0dlik3 !(ok..enough with the lame l337 sp3ak xD)
2.That his poke can own Death itself or even Chuck Norris...
3.That poking is so *in* at the moment...
4.And for the Uchiha fangirls... That *this* scene was so touching and you squealed for about 20 minutes about how cute they were...

you MUST join this Fc!

Owner : Celess19
Co-owner(s) : Para

(10) :
  • Shibo Uirusu
  • Nash
  • Simpliciti
  • Sumeragi
  • Incubus
  • AkatsukiSushi
  • keitorin
  • TempestLee
  • Mitsuru
  • KissofCamine

Banners :

Colored by Mel!!! Isnt she just GREAT?? ^.^ links to her DA :

Also, you can submit your banners, just pm me or post it in here!! Would be appreciated! ^.^ And I,m not responsible if you guys read spoilers in there ;p so be aware...because THERE might be spoilers if you havent read the manga up until now ;p (now is atm is 16th of march 2008, 11h13am and 4 seconds -.-)
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may i join?? Classical poke to the forehead. Brings back good times when my cousin was wrestling me and i gave him a poke on the forehead, and he stopped imedietly. After that, I have rarely used it.
Joinage! Co-owner? Here's the poke as it originally appeared in the manga:

and the anime:

Hell's yeah! I'm new here! This will be my first fc! I squealed, it was so touching, way to stick it to the kid ptthh!
Ohgawd I love Itachi's forehead poking, because it's the one thing Itachi does that I would do normally. XD (I seriously poke my sister like that, and then she hunts me down for revenge pokings.)

so sorry guys!!! was busy and had forgotten about this fc ^^;;;;

Welcome to the fc!!! I made the banner;p
Yah....the manga chapters are revealing so much...I'm starting to like Itachi even more than I did, he's just too cool! He's an anti-emo godly smexy character! ((not as cool as Gaara...but close enough!!))

Lets praise that godly poke of his!
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