Top 10 Favorite Boxing Manga?

I know that Hajime no ippo is best boxing manga I wonder if others..

01.) Hajime no Ippo
02.) Rokudenashi Blues
03.) Monaco no Sorae
04.) Cestvs
05.) Katsu!
06.) Ashita no Joe
07.) Monaco no Sorae 2 Alas
08.) Dragon Fist
09.) Ring ni Kakero 2
10.) Slow Step
I didn't even know there are more than 10 boxing manga AT ALL.
Aside from HNI and RB never heard of any of them. What's next I'm gonna find out there are other American Football mangas aside from ES21?
Wow. I thought Ippo was the only one :awesome

What a big bad world.
Besides Ippo I was only aware of Ashita no Joe. I guess I should read more boxing manga
One man takes this alone:

DAT AOKI :datass. I never read any outisde of HnI.
What about RRR (Rock' N Roll Ricky) that manga is pretty badass

Heh, that was scanned well after the last post in this thread. Anyways, it is a fantasic boxing manga. It certainly is better than Katsu!, just don't know how to compare it to the likes of Rokudenashi Blues since I haven't read it yet. Also, I do find RRR to be better than current HnI.
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