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toneri vs Kinshiki


The Ghost
Both movie/anime/manga feats allowed for kinshiki

50 meters, on the moon

They are fighting over who gets to simp for hanabi


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Kinshiki has the potential to dogblitz Toneri as he kept up and pressured Adult Sasuke who is more or less relative to Adult RSM Naruto in speed .

While Toneri was easily defeated by the Last Naruto who only used BSM which is far weaker than RSM as a stat amplifier .

And given Kinshiki's strength that allowed him to bisect a Shinju Tree with one swing while severely injured , he won't have any difficulties slicing through Toneri's TSBs then overpowering and cutting him apart .

Kinshiki takes it .


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Kinshiki blitzes, he kept up with Adult Sasuke meanwhile Toneri got defeated by KCM2 Naruto + Sage Mode with a single punch. Kinshiki was also one of the threats Kaguya feared.


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Base Adult Naruto was able to one shot Momoshiki with a Rasengan despite Momoshiki being on his level in Six Paths Sage Mode. Don't see your point.
They aren't durable this fodders trio a Moon in the head would be enough to bust their ass open when Kaguya wasn't able to destroy the moon for 1000 years


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Kinshiki should stomp here considering even genin level characters like urashiki were able to beat toneri
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