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Tokinada vs Kageroza

Who wins

  • Tokinada

    Votes: 5 100.0%
  • Kageroza

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters

Lord Noctis

Active Member
Fight takes place at an abandoned music stage on a deserted island in the Pacific Northwest. No restrictions on either fighter. Who wins?


Well-Known Member
Tokinada probably stomps.

He has KS, good luck recording and reflecting something you have no idea is coming.

He dies horribly.

Adamant soul

Well-Known Member
Kyouka Suigetsu fuckery probably wins this for Tokinada, even if Kageroza is the outright stronger of the two.

Lord Noctis

Active Member
I thought tokindada’s Zanpaktou was Ikomikidomoe which is a hollow. What the fuck?

Narita bullshit

No, that’s the zanpakuto that Tokinada stole and from the royal palace in order to give to Hikone.

Tokinada uses Enrakyoten, the family sword of the Tsunayashiro clan


i have returned
You know what does anyone have an link to the novel

I’ll give it a read

I’ve only studied the manga


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If he had prep I feel Kageroza could pull off a win against Tokinada with high-diff. But since he doesn't he will get mid-diffed by Tokinada. Though besides all of that do you guys agree with me in that Toki could beat Oko far more easier than Kageroza? Since to me Kageroza was a like a carbon copy of Mayuri and far reserve and less emotional than his og self & mod soul Oko Yushima.
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