Tobi's mask..

It has a similar color (perhaps the Kyuubi is a darker shade than the mask), but the thickness of the tail is too big to be similar that of Tobi's mask, obviously. But that is an interesting find.
Eh, if you look at it you can see that resemblance but i believe Kyuubi is a darker shade of orange.
He was just so damn ugly, the nine tails was the only thing capable of hiding his terrible face from the universe.
Interesting, I never really did think about those structures on Madara's mask are supposed to represent the Kyuubi's tails. Some others have speculated that the design is supposed to correlate with a swirl. We just don't know why yet. It could be that Madara has some sort of connection the former Whirlpool Country (a whirlpool is shaped like a spiral). This would make him even more connected to Naruto since Kushina is from that former country.
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