Tobirama's super speed is merely invented


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Tobirama and his Shunshin is a huge invention of Tobirama's fanboys (I've been using that term a lot lately, I imagine), as a way to enhance the character's speed in battle.

In the manga, Hiraishin is often referred to as Shunshin. Tobirama's Shunshin is the same as Hashirama's and Hiruzen's. It's exactly on the same level as these two, who arrived at the same time on the battlefield when the idea was to arrive as quickly as possible.

The only Shunshin without a different SPACE/TIME is Minato, who arrived first on the battlefield. The other three arrived together.

Tobirama's base speed isn't quite those things, as they like to make it out to be. His mobility in battle is solely due to his reflexes enhanced by his sensory ability and his Hiraishin. Nothing else. Tobirama is staggeringly below Naruto KM in speed, as his mobility is due to the space-time that serves as a shortcut for him to get from point A to point B. However, just losing sight of the concept of mobility easily becomes noticeable the fact that the Hokage's speed, in itself, doesn't even come close to being impressive.

Proof of this is his expressive defeat to the golden brothers, Kinkaku and Ginkaku, who were enough to solar Tobirama with space-time and everything. They are another example that surpasses Tobirama's speed, to the point of being able to finish him even with the Hiraishin (space-time) advantage in their hands. Always good to remember that both survived, neither received any kind of lethal or expressive damage like scars, severed limbs and the like. Note that while Tobirama suffered so many injuries that he died, none of the brothers had this problem. Both were Konoha's enemies and the Hokage couldn't even take one with him, even though it was in the village's interest.

Tobirama is not a parameter in speed and his mobility is dependent on space-time jutsus, which create shortcuts for him to get from one point to another even without being fast enough to do so. This, coupled with his keen sensor, gives the Hokage great mobility and defensive ability, who is a slender shinobi at the expense of that specifically. However, limited to speaking in terms of speed, Itachi, Kinkaku and Ginkaku, Naruto KM, Minato, Kabuto, Gai, are all a notch above Nidaime who, in turn, does not have super speed. He is a tactical ninja, very mobile with his markings, but has low speed blitz potential, relying on space-time shortcuts like he did with Izuna.


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