To avoid Tobirama getting curbfodderstomped within 30 seconds, Sannin will have restrictions.

No SM, Byakugo or Yamata forms, No Boss summons, smaller summons are allowed.

Tobirama gets one Edo Tensei.

Who wins? :hm
Prove it.

A nerfed Tobirama kept up with Juubito and KCM Minato, even impressing the latter and also being considered faster than Madara Uchiha (who could easily keep up with A4 and a BM clone even without Sharingan).

Jiraiya, the Sannin with the best speed feats, had trouble with individual Paths while they were supported by shared vision. SM Naruto blitzed Asura Path, Minato is even faster, KCM Minato still faster, and prime Tobirama faster than KCM Minato at absolute worst.

Yeah, I'd say Tobirama blitzes Jiraiya and his little friends here, as do Kin and Gin :oldshrug
Even with the restrictions on the Sannin, Tobirama loses badly. He doesn’t have the portrayal or accomplishments to take on the three strongest ninja of an entire generation at the same time. They will cover each other against his Flying Thunder God and coordinate attacks to counter attack him, and they will get him eventually. (In all likelihood sooner rather than later).
Orochimaru could sacrifices these 2 clowns and summons ET Hashirama and Minato to solo I suppose, if he starts with prep time that is
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