Titans vs Kyuubi and Itachi

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Manda, Gamabunta, Katsuyu, Yamata-No-Orochi, Shukaku, Sanbi
and Summoning Pein with Kakuzu's Iron Skin+Oro's Body Vomit
and Sasori with Kakuzu's five hearts

Special Stuff: Susano requires two strikes to use the eternal genjutsu on anyone and the defence is only as powerful as Kakuzu's Iron Skin
The only limits we know of Kyūbi's power are that (a) it can be controlled by the Mangekyō Sharingan, (b) it can be controlled by Shodai Hokage and (c) it can be sealed by shiki fūjin. Without either of those three forces being on the opposing side, Kyūbi is effectively an invincible unknown. There is no discussion to be had here as the first team has no way of harming Kyūbi as far as we know, and all we know of the Kyūbi's power is that it can destroy mountains with a swipe of its tail.

Closing this thread: please do not involve Kyūbi in these fights, there's rarely anything to discuss about it and we don't know enough.
Not open for further replies.
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