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This is the end, beautiful friends!

You've been dead for a month but Rest in Peace. I dunno if we ever interacted but judging by how you did this thread I think we would have gotten along just fine.


RIP uncle. Covid sucks.
Been on and off hiatus. And just now i noticed your farewell thread. I only exchanged like two or three debates with you. But I noticed you had passion for it. Thx for your presence, this place became livelier and condolences to her family.


Well-Known Member
Oh my god! I don't frequent Narutoforums as much and completely missed this. :( Had 2 or 3 debates with you but despite disagreeing with you you were always so polite in your replies. I don't believe in the afterlife but if it exists hope you are in the best place possible. Condolences to her family and friends.


Satô no Kyoki
I generaly disagree with your point of view about the scaling in naruto. So ı dont gonna ask questions my friend. But damn, this is tough tho.

I hope & wish best for you and your family & friends.



I don't know why I decided to pop back in tonight, after all this time, but as long as I'm here, I'll offer my respects.

I don't remember your username. The avatar is vaguely familiar. Judging by your join date, it's almost a sure thing we've crossed paths at some point (in the internet sense of things). Without reading through the entire thread, I'm guessing it's too late for you to read any of this. That's hard to wrap my head around.

I don't know your story but what a hell of a hand to be dealt, and God bless you for playing it with so much class. Rest in peace.
Wow, i didn't even get to know who you were, but this is the most badass way to die.

You took it like a champ, Socrates would be proud of you.

Congratz for being such an inspiration.


Often in life we forget that death lies not only at the end of the path, but at every corner between. This applied to me today the moment I saw this thread, thinking it was simply a farewell to the website. I hope kokodeshide found a numbing joy or wisdom in the final moments.


☠️The proud do not endure, like a passing dream on a night in spring;☠️
Don’t know why someone I’ve never met or even interacted with has me shedding tears. Hope you’re in heaven. I commend you for your strength and bravery. Rest In Peace. The world is beautiful but I’m sure heaven is even more so.


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I don't believe we ever interacted on here, but this is a beautiful thread. I would like to pay my respects. Rest in peace.


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Hope you are at peace now. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say kind words while you were here, and I’m not sure we debated much, but here’s hoping you can still see. Thanks for being a part of NF, and being a part of our lives <3 god speed


Smooth Criminal
... I really did not expect to find something like this on a manga forum site. Life can be really cruel at times...

I don't think we have interacted much aside from that one time you rated one of my posts with the "winner rating", I rarely ever post here and should have checked out the NBD sooner before you sadly passed away. From what I've seen on this thread - you seemed like a really nice and fun person to be around. All I can hope now is that may God bless you with Heaven and may you rest in peace.

Farewell ~


Alice In Chains
I'm mostly a lurker, and I never expected to find something like this here I just randomly came across it and read every post here. I rarely if ever post, I do like watching people debate and accrue information.

There was no fear in your posts despite having two days to live, now that's courage, I hope you rest well.


way out of line
just logged in after a very long time to say:
fare well brother. dream a good dream out there and become a good spirit.


I'm not impressed.
We brought home the NFC NORTH title KoKo! Been 2 years but it's ours again.

Bless up and rest up.


I'm not impressed.
We brought home the NFC NORTH title KoKo! Been 2 years but it's ours again.

Bless up and rest up.


A Rare Beauty
Wow...this makes me very sad because I was absent from the forums whenever this was going on. I knew you were sick but I didn't know all of this. @kokodeshide I know you are in a better place and won't be able to give a response but I want you to know that even though we weren't as close as some, every time I disagreed with you (which was often lol) and every time we debated, I had so much fun. You were a joy to post with and debate against, and I hope that you are resting in complete and absolute peace. And although I'm a bit late, Much love darling.


The In Between
I literally came to this section to shitpost. Was gonna make a thread ironically asking why most of the recent threads in the landfill are from the NBD when I noticed this thread. Damn.

It reminds me that everyone here is an actual human being. Behind all the shitposting, silly anime avatars, and middleschool drama, we're all just fragile human beings. Rest In Peace dude
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I apologize for this comment I made in 2018. A few days ago I searched to see if we ever interacted and found this

You ranked all the kage and other village leaders and even gave a disclaimer that your list/opinion may turn some heads.

But I took your list as a joke when you had a hypothetical Prime 3rd(Hokage) at the top of the list

-1. Theoretical Prime 3rd
He goes 8th gate & butterfly mode while using Hiraishin and shadow clones to fuck your sister as you watch.

I can see now that you had a sense of humor too.

I actually now agree that a 8G BM FTG Hiruzen would be at the top of the list.

andddd I'm crying.

Man I just wish our first and last interaction could have been positive.

I'm sorry
I am not sure if I posted here. But, I did post on your wall. And, I'll say it here.

Just swinging by to pay my respects. Respect and peace and love to your loved ones.

Just remember, that energy you flooded this place with and the world, will last forever in the hearts of those who know you. Maybe when I pass on I'll get to meet the legend that is Koko to tell you the Uchiha are the best that ever lived.
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