This fight will not be interupted


I dont have any real certainty on who will be the victor between Sasuke and Itachi, but i dont think Tobi, or Zetzu or whoever else will stop the fight. I dont have much proof, except for this

Namikaze posted this on a similar thread, and i think it really confirms that Naruto is the target for completing the EMS.

The way i see it is there has to be a clear victor in this fight, so this page in the chapter makes sense,

1) Sasuke beats Itachi, and to complete EMS needs to try to kill Naruto
2) Itachi beats sasuke, and to complete EMS needs to try to kill Naruto.

I think this page forshadows a fight with naruto.

So there wont be an interuption, ie tobi swooping in and killing itachi, capturing sasuke etc, because it seems he actually wants the fight to happen, and is the very reason for delaying the leaf peoples arriving at the hideout. The way he talks about looking forward to seeing sasuke's development, seems he wants number 1) to happen.

Some might say that Kishi would never have sasuke lose one, or even both his eyes. and thus 2) ever happening is impossible. But i actually think its a strong posibility, so long as sasuke gets his eyes back at the end. Think of it as a temporary punishment, for chosing the way of the snake.
i don't agree with the killing naruto thing

but tobi isn't going to be stoping by because he is talking to the kohona nins currently.
It would be a long term punishment if Sasuke lost an eye, then went on to lose to Naruto, then to face never getting his lost eye back due to his failure in achieving the EMS.
In my eyes if this fight isn't interupted, it will become even more unbeleivable(by narutoverse standards) than it already is.. Like.. Seriously.. WTF ELSE COULD HAPPEN!??!

Do you honestly want Sasuke to somehow beat Itachi, with no fucking chakra?! He doesn't even have Orochimaru anymore!!! Oro was the only reason he could even compete with Itachi FFS!! Do you want him to bust out another insta-kill jutsu that requires no chakra at all, that could get around the ultimate defense of Susanoo?!?!

If Itachi manages to take Sasuke's eyes, then he would kill him after. You need to kill you're brother to achive EMS. Itachi isn't just gonna take an eye and walk away...

We all know Sasuke isn't gonna die, so it's only rational thinking to assume sombody will step in and interupt this fight...
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