Thinking Meno(Dino) > Founders is a Testiment to how rediculous some Members Scaling is here.

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I have literally seen people honestly claim that Dino > Controlled Juubito after its Taijutsu scuffles with 3T Adult Sasuke.

You know the guy who's much weaker form was claimed to be stronger than the God of Shinobi, SM Hashirama, you know the guy who'd cause the maps to have to be redrawn because of their battle.

Juubito is a World Ending Threat. Yet people be like - Dino > Juubito, rather than swallowing their misplaced pride & admitting Adult Sasuke is just probably weaker.

These are the same people that claim Base Momoshiki = Kaguya and that the Neo Kages Chojuro, Kurotsuchi, Darui & Gaara are Founder Level, possibly even stronger.

Guys... what the fuck is wrong with you???

Where did y'all go so wrong!
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Saikyō no Kami
Humans are an inherently proud and arrogant species. How many wars, how much death, how much destruction has been caused because some people just weren't able to swallow their pride and admit they were wrong?

If the Adult Fate Bros stans were in politics, they'd push to start wars.

They are the kind of people who will never swallow their pride and concede they were wrong in the face of overwhelming evidence against them; what's more, they are willing to drag everyone down along with them in the trash can of their own making.

What we see now is just the final stage/natural end point of these curious creatures, as they realize they have lost, they now resort to the last possible leg they could (in their twisted mind) stand on: the idea that a random dinosaur solo's Shippuden. Sadly, anyone with a brain can see that they are truly desperate and defeated :wellshit
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