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Ok this may sound confusing and stupid but this mite give you a good idea on how long the fillers mite continue on for. im my opinion i believe the fillers will continue on till next year sometime.

my reason why:

(remember this aint offical release of naruto this was only on naruto fan but will give you a good idea on when they were released *shrugs*)

03/03/2000 was the first naruto chapter out on naruto fan
2 years later on

10/03/2002 was first naruto episode on naruto fan. Now at this time rougly chapter 111 came out. Which was when saskue fought gaara in chuinin exams (sorry if this spoiled it for someone but im sure every1 has read the manga)

now 05/18/2005 was last naruto episode before going on the fillers which was 135 in my opinion it was the last proper episode, some may agree some may disagree.

At this time roughly chapter 242 came out which of course was the kakashi gaiden so they had to stop the story.

So really if you think about it it took two years and a half to show 1st episode of naruto after release of chapter1 of manga and of course at this point was 111

now were at our 87th filler episode at chapter 325. In my opinion they still need at least another 25 chapters to have enough story for the anime to follow so thats 25 weeks, so that mite mean another 25 weeks of fillers.

Though im not saying it will happen like this because who knows how long fillers will go on for, may be a month, 3 years, they mite even finish off naruto the manga then show of the anime we just don't know but what i am saying is i believe its down to how far the manga has gone. *shrugs*

Also i heard part two was the last so may be they will want to get as far in the manga as possible so that they can show the anime part2 then make it so that the anime can reach the manga in which so that is where naruto ends *shrugs* if that makes sense lmao

oh well we will see what happens thanks for reading (someone mite have done this sort of thread already and if someone has sorry)
We need a special theories forum section.The filler will stop when they stop and this has been done like 100times at everyone has a other idea about when they end but i really dont hope another 25 fillers
you know what I think might happen? they will probably show the kakashi gaiden and then put a halt on the tv episodes. that way, they could concentrate more on the manga. after all, they have all those episodes, they should just repeat them until they are ready.
hahaha nah if they show kakashi gaiden they will show part 2 straight after, besides everyone says when is it gona end the fillers well if it was to end now ur probbaly only goin to get at least a year probably not even that of part2 then they will go back to fillers since it will catch up to the manga and they will probably show it for another year all so, so i really thinnk we should just accpet and let the fillers role for now and let the manga chapters role in since more manga chapters the better as im sure every1 knows its worth the wait right?

anyway i hope people will stop saying when will fillers end if you dont like the fillers dont watch them your choice *shrugs*
Very good point there actualy. I think if we go from ep 208, we could get the same amount of time of canon as we did with Part 1. That is... If Studio Peirrot learn when to add fricking fillers!!!

Its a perfect sign to how their studio works when you look at how both Bleach and Naruto are on GIANT seasons of filler. No other anime I can think of that is running at this moment has done this. One Piece for example, has loads of random fillers everywhere, at almost every opportunity and their episodes are pretty much as much filler as canon. Studio Peirrot pretty much went pure canon in their episodes.

I also feel they missed out on ample opportunities for filler - This show is about Ninjas who go on missions! At any point they could add characters going off on missions, or someone coming to the village. Here are some examples of fillers they could have added, and some that could have been done when desperate:

Before Water Country Arc, though that would've ruined the show.
After Water Country Arc, just a few small arcs, maybe of 1-5 episodes showing how life has become boring for the characters after Zabuza, good be a good chance to fill in characters.
During Forest Chuunin Exam, could just show what other members are doing, how they got their scrolls. Go into further depth (I'm talking like 1/2 eps)
Inbetween Preliminaries and Final Exam, there already was some filler here with Naruto's training, but we could have gotten an insight into other characters as well. And maybe Gai, Asuma & Kurenai or someone going on a mission :p
During Search for Gaara, this is far fetched. But they're leaping through a forest for goodness sake, there's no reason why they couldn't have found people who needed help.
After the 3rds Funeral, this is pretty much exactly the same as the fillers we have now. End of a big arc, we are introduced to some Akatsuki members. This would have been the perfect time for even a whole season of fillers.
Search for Tsunade, just bumping into a few new filler characters on the way. Jiraiya being given more time to be badass. Also we could go back to Konoha to see what's going on there.
Rescue Sasuke, Same as Search for Gaara, MASSIVE forest. Surely they could have bumped into someone along the way. Also we could have had some more stuff inside Konoha, Sakura recovering, maybe even doing things like tidying Sasuke's room, or something like that, with lots of implications.

Add also just more random scenes within episodes, lengthened conversations, and etc. And we got some interesting filler.

I remember once making a whole mathematical sum of where I added some/all this up, and it would have resulted in the fillers beginning a little over a year after they did. So the Sasuke fight would have ended about February - July '06. Then we would have had more fillers here, maybe a season or so, and we'd be fine. We could even have had a year of fillers, and people wouldn't complain as much as we are now.

I do see that if what I had writen had been done, it would have completely thrown off the pacing of the story. And thats one of the things that makes Naruto rock, in the anime - the story is so fast paced in comparison with other animes. But if you see what I mean, there were alot of opportunities for filler to be added. Its just that by not adding these, the finished product is much better to watch.
Who knows my friends, who knows.

It could happen anyday.

And when that day happens, I dont know what will happen
You're kidding right?

"I uhhhh believe that uuhhhhh the fillers will end ummmmmm next year because uh..." blah blah blah this aint official.

Common now, was this really neccessary? Did making this topic thread make you feel all gooooood and warm inside? Did you not notice all the OTHER threads? Just a simple question, you, genius, along with everyone else who has their "Theories" should all gather up and make a FC, unless it hasn't already happen. Who knows. :p
wanna kno the truth about the fillers, cause after all, i believe that NOBODY (besides animators) knows when the fillers are ending.
ya think", If someone knew there wouldn't be so many "when will fillers end threads' Etc...
EXACTLY!!! that is why there are so many useless threads about it..there is 1 thread mainly directed toward the fillers, AND YET people seem to pollute the skys with their crazy and moronic ideas for attention (aka when the fillers end)
i remember when my arc i was the character that saved tsunade n she fell in love with me but i died but i LIED Roflamo
Lolligaggin said:
You're kidding right?

"I uhhhh believe that uuhhhhh the fillers will end ummmmmm next year because uh..." blah blah blah this aint official.

Common now, was this really neccessary? Did making this topic thread make you feel all gooooood and warm inside? Did you not notice all the OTHER threads? Just a simple question, you, genius, along with everyone else who has their "Theories" should all gather up and make a FC, unless it hasn't already happen. Who knows. :p

bloody hell dude everyone kept goin on about when will the fillers end im just saying what mite be the case with the fillers i didnt actually say it would happen, i dont care if fillers carry on longer, the longer they carry on for, longer part 2 will be simple

also YES i did bloody did notice other threads and your pint? and no i dnt feel nothin for this thread its just a thread thats all, so if you dont like readin these threads dont bother reading them.
Be patient- Patience is a virtue. Some people here seem to have no concept of that. Being the little kid in the back of mommy and daddy's SUV asking, "are we there yet" every 10 miles on a 500 mile journey is quite pointless. The filler will get done when it gets done. Not having canon material to watch once every 25 minutes a week isn't going to kill you.

Almost 90 filler episodes in 1.5 years. One and a half years contains 788,400 minutes. 90 episodes of Naruto contains 2,250 minutes. That's 0.285 percent of your time that you got to spend doing something else.

The filler, will end, when it ends.
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