The team to fight Pein


Brotherhood of the Beard
This is my long shot at what i think could be a possibility of future events. I am not saying it will or won't happen, just something i thought to be a possibility.

Tsunade will get the Jiraiya info and learn of Pein. She will then form a team to fight him... i think the one on one with Naruto will probably never happen b/c he isn't allowed to be by himself. So who will she get. My guess is Kakashi (for his big event), Sakura (for her growth), Naruto (for soooo many obvious reasons) and probably Yamato (fox control duty).

However i would prefer Yamato to be replaced by Shikamaru. My reason is b/c if she somehow knows of the multiple body fighting style of Pein, he would be an obvious candidate for being able to contain multiple bodies with his shadow technique and his excellent strategy for fighting that many opponents.

The fight will go down and they will win...sort of... i am thinking maybe they will defeat the 6 bodies (and assuming there is a 7th controller body) he will come out and catch someone off guard and Kakashi will die saving them.

I know this probably isn't very likely and is base off of all what ifs, but i was bored and this popped into my head... if nothing else it is something fresh for everyone to read.
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