"The Smurfs" vs "A Killer Whale"

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Who would win? Assuming 2 day prep time, and some water near by.


Hmmm this is a tough one. But I'm leaning toward the killer whale ... Papa smurf though is as smart as Shikamaru, and may come up with a genuis plan.
I don't know how the killer whale can beat papa smurf.
Nobody wins cause the Smurfs are on land and the Whale can't do anything. :|

A better matuchp would have been the Snorks vs. A Killer Whale.
Smurfs win because the got the power of magic. Also, the whale couldn't get onto land to attack without beaching itself, and then dying.

So, best case scenario for the whale: beaches itself, killing the smurfs, then dies. TIE

Best case for the Smurfs: they kill it with fire, WIN.

Leaning towards Smurfs.
But if the said whale would be Willy, then he would have a character name bonus. Most of the smurfs on the other hand is unnamed!
KW can't get to the Smurfs.
They can at least stalemate it.

So, the question is wheter or not they can kill it with 2days prep time.
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