The Return of the Fourth


Crouching Tiger
He was protecting her emotionally here.

I'm not entirely certain what Jiraiya is saying here...It seems to me that he's implying that Naruto only actually has up to KN4 Chakra, and that the rest of it is sealed away somewhere else. But from what I've heard aroun the forums everyone else seems to have overlooked this or something.

Anyway, I've taken this and come to another conclusion- Naruto will meet his Father.

My rational for this is that either Naruto does'nt have the Yin Chakra of the Nine Tailed Fox, or he does but he can't access it because it is truly sealed away, to the point that Jiraiya- investigating further during the training- thought that Naruto did'nt have it at all.

Either way, Naruto may end up having to try and find the rest of thatChakra. And I'm thinking that, with no reason or evidence other than this fleeting thought, that their in lies a Memory, or the Sprit, of his Father.

They will meet, and Minato will expalin any number of things to him. If the rest of the Kyuubi Chakra is within him, then we might get a


moment where Naruto has been captured by Akatsuki, and the meeting takes place during the Sealing process (it would be really cool if Madara or Pain realized this and butted into the conversation, perhaps trying to convince Naruto that what they are doing is good for the World). and Naruto wakes up, messes up the Sealing process, and proceeds to kick Akatsuki ass.
If Kishi was really cheesy- though I have more faith in him than this-Minato would alter Time in that place and train Naruto into a Kage Level Ninja, oir maybe take over his son's body and figh through him like Naruto was possessed.

Anyway, that's my thought on this matter. By the way, if I'm right about my first point, Itachi said that the Kyuubi had to be sealed last, and otherwise the Statue would collapse. If Naruto only has half of the Kyuubi's Chakra, would it collapse anyway? Did Minato plan that far ahead?
I couldn't see this happening. Naruto can access all the tails if the seal is completly turned. J man only said he moved the seal a little and the fourth tail appeared.
I truly believe That this will play in the future of the manga! naruto will get captured knocked out and only pain, kisame, madara will start the unsealing process! konoha will send the best rescue team involving sasuke! they stop it! naruto and 5 others to fight pain, kakashi gai aganist kisame! madara runs away, then final battle between sasuke and naruto to face madara! madara unleash all other bijuu to fight for him to face naruto ninetails!!

add your theory with that! and we are on to something!!
Many people have theorized that Naruto will meet a fragment of Minato's memory/soul sealed inside of himself.

Sure, even though his soul was sealed inside the Death God forever, it still might happen. However, if it does, it's probably bound to be a short, purely motivational thing for Naruto. In other words, I don't really think it matters that much.
Maybe the Key would help to solving this? But since Jiraiya did not know of Minato's reason, then the Key should not have any specific relation to Minato's intentions.
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