The result of Sasuke?

Result of Sasuke?

  • Run

    Votes: 13 81.3%
  • Die

    Votes: 1 6.3%
  • Suicide

    Votes: 2 12.5%

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I hope Kishi makes the right choice and shows us Kisame kicking some ass. we have had 3 months of staring already.
I have a feeling that he will continue on with his revenge, possibly to Madara. It is also possible that he will feel the internal/emotional pain that Kakashi was referring to, though this may also occur at a later time. But most of his time will be invested into preparing for his match for Madara. I don't think he will be joining forces with Naruto quite yet.
I think it depends on how the fight will end. You cant expect him to act the same way if it ends with him being
a) blind
b) half blind
c) reunited with Itachi (i know, i know, my "reality" sucks)
d) dead
e) saved by someone else

I think was Kishie wants us to think that he'll do is that he'll kill itachi and go for madara, but there's just too much action around.
I mean, I think we left Naruto (and some leafs) fighting Tobi and Kisame with Hebi. Anyway, at some point he'll meet with both Naruto and Madara -case he survives for which i'm sure, i mean, its jump!
What I'm thinking right now is that he will seek to kill Naruto to gain MS so that he can fight Madara.

If the Blue Sex machine is dead or have left, he'll probably assemble troops and go to Madara.

Or, Konoha could catch up to him now.
Would totaly ruin the excitement if Sasuke managed to kill itachi, hopefully Sasuke will walk away blind or something similar. Atleast thats what i hope for, would strongen the storyline, and make it more intresting for the readers.
Him walking away as a winner would just.. blow.
What do you think sasuke will do at the end of this battle?

you just wanted people to pick run because the other two results in him dieing which won't happen because he the so call 2nd main character in the story.:notrust
Run, would be the best choice. Itaci would probaly scream... "RUN AND CLING TO AN UNSIGHTLY LIFE! AND DONT COME BEFORE ME UNTIL YOUR BEAR THE SAME EYES AS ME!"
Run is the only sensical choice there :notrust I don't see Kishi killing off Sasuke anytime soon.
He's going to tell Kisame that his previous owner is dead and that he belongs to the noble avenger now.
:facepalm I clicked on the wrong button, and apparantly voted Die. Which isn't what's going to happen.

Out of those, I think he'd run.
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