the previous arc and the present training arc


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ok, so lets make a summary of naruto's and sasuke's progress in becoming ultimate ninjas in part2.

sasuke's side of story from the previous arc...

sasuke trains hard with oro, probably learns a jutsu or 2 everyday, hardly gets enough sleep with people like sai interupting him, might be taking drugs etc.

sasuke's meets naruto.

sasuke supresses the kyuubi, sasuke is superfast, sasuke owns 3 members of the team real quickly. knows a "that jutsu" but is stopped from using it by oro.


sasuke: i still can't defeat itachi, orochimaru can't defeat him either. so long as itachi is dead, i will give my life again and again if needed. basically, i give my body to oro to defeat itachi. i don't care.

naruto: ?
naruto:(is he stupid? so, he went to orochimaru for power and in the end decided to give up his body to obtain his goal?)

after 6 months

sasuke still training, waiting for oro's body swap.

sakura: sasuke-kun, naruto is in trouble, the akatsuki are after him, etc etc
cries a river.

sasuke: naruto, who the hell is naruto?!
must kill itachi!!!!

sakura: cries some more.

naruto's part 2 training arc

naruto: boohoo, sasuke is too strong. i can't do anything.
kakashi: ah, but my student, u have a genius like me by your side.
naruto: whatever it is, it better be good.

naruto learns wind elemental in few days, learns more about kagebunshin, about the rasengan.

kakashi: i believe naruto, u can surpass yondaime as a shinobi.

naruto: MUST surpass yondaime. do the impossible, something not even jiraiya, yondaime, kakashi could do.
goes off to trains like crazy, comes up with stuff. 100000X kage bunshin baby

after 6 months
sakura: naruto, sasuke's body take over deadline is near.

after months of 100000X kage bunshin and absorbing the information from clones, naruto's conclusion is...

naruto: sasuke, who the hell is sasuke?!
must surpass yondaime!!!

sakura cries, and finally learns some genjutsu to torture kishimoto, for not giving her a bigger role in naruto's and sasuke's adventure.

sasuke vs itachi and naruto vs yondaime continues....:p
:lmao :lmao

Good (and interesting!) take on what's happening. I'm kinda wondering about Kishimoto at times, and what he's doing with the characters. :p
nice story. nicely summarized. sakura better ask kishi give her bigger boobs. she needs them most to seduce sasuke. maybe they (boobs) will change sasuke's mind.
Come on now, we all saw how Sakura was in a library reading manga to look for ways to end Sasuke's steroid use. I can totally see her solve this through the power of shojo manga and smashy-smashy.
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