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Well, he does remind me of an obnoxious loudmouth gaki who don't behave and often don't respect elders.

Only difference is one has a demon.
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There is already a thread on this exact same topic, and it is still pretty active, so why you would want to post another one is beyond me. :oh

Jiraya rocks. :amuse
Yea, he's only cool cause he's animated. In real life he'd be on that How to Catch a Predator show or whatever its called. xDD

On DateLine? I think that's for pedophiles, not perverts into women, as Jiraiya states:

Jiraiya: Besides, I don't like kids

Taken from episode 53
Jiraiya rocks. He makes me laugh in every episode he part takes in. Especially when he's on the look out for women.
I didlike him but he's funny to watch and i like his sub version but he could be selfish sometimes it's nearly like Naruto Uzumaki is his life...
i like him, although i like the VA from the original better his personalty is awesome!!! hes one of the funniest people in naruto from what i can see :)
why doesnt jiraya care about sasuke as mch as naruto...?
  1. He never met Sasuke yet.
  2. Spoiler:
    He's a lot more like Naruto than Sasuke.
    Naruto is to Jiraiya as Sasuke is to Mr. 'O' and Sakura is to Ms. 'T'.
  3. Sasuke doesn't use the Sexy Jutsu.

As for the topic, I like Jiraiya. He has big hands and you know what they say about guys with big hands...

... They need big gloves if they wear gloves. :oh
Jiraiya dosent have cool technicues, so i don't understand why is he called sannin.

Actually...he does have a couple good techniques besides summoning frogs...however, I can't say what they are, because they're huge spoilers in the episode 80 area.
jiraiya is super funny. actually he is funniest character in naruto.

I am not just a pervert. I am... A SUPER PERVERT!
lol, that was funny
Not bad, I kinda liked the voice. I do however feel that for some reason whenever he talks I think of Kakashi instead of Jiraiya. Also I tend to get a little confused with Jiraiya calling the Frog Boss Gamabunta while Naruto refers to him as the Toad Chief, not a big issue but a tad annoying in terms of constitency.
:jir_thumb He is the funniest strongest ninja that I have seen on Naruto so far...All the other strongest ninjas aren't really that funny, although they can be funny at times
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