The Mask vs. Hulk

If I recall it right, It depends who is wearing the Mask. The Mask it self is helpless.

Who is wearing the Mask?
The Mask wins. Its one of the archetypical examples of the Toonforce for gods sake.
The Mask. I'm thinking Ipkiss is wearing it? But it pretty much gives you the Toonforce right?
not just the toonforce. I mean, Loki himself sumoned a house sized fireball that looked like the sun and was about to obliterate everyone and everything around untill Odin stepped in and took his powers away.
I guess people totally forgotten that the Mask always got owned by brute strength so he might win but won't rape his opponent. I'm referring to the cartoon version considering that I didn't post this in the comic battledome.
Unless of course the mask pulls out a can of silly string of happiness and turns the ulk into bruce banner
The Mask has one victory over Lobo. And this is Lobo accessing DC version of Toon Force.
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