Contest The LifeStyle Lounge Banner Contest


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Lifestyle Lounge Banner Contest

It's Spring and time to give the best social section on Fanverse a make-over again! Welcome to the Lifestyle Lounge Banner Contest!


1) No meme entries.
2) No entries mocking any members or mocking the section.
3) 750x200 is the maximum dimension size allowed.
4) Soliciting votes/revealing your entry is not allowed.
5) Banner must follow all global rules and Lifestyle Lounge rules.
6) 1MB filesize limit.
7) Entry needs to be new and created for the purpose of the contest.
8) Entry needs to be created by you. No stealing!
9) Your entry must be sent in a PM to @Raiden , @Island , @A Optimistic and @Rinoa. Yes, you need to send it to all of us.


1st place:
12 CC points (or 1 month big avatar)
2nd place: 5 CC points (or 1 month sparkles)
3rd place: 3 CC points (or 1 month color usertitle)
Participation rep: 50,000 rep
Deadline: Saturday, April 1st at 11 pm UTC.

Goodluck everyone!
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