The leading ladies Rukia vs Sakura

whos the better one

  • Rukia

    Votes: 14 60.9%
  • Sakura

    Votes: 9 39.1%

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They both suck cock. But Rukia was at least bearable in the Karakura arc whereas Sakura was an annoying bitch since her first appearance.
...I do so hate the both of them...I guess I would go with Sakura when she's actually useful in her own ways and doesn't have a win that isn't as PIS as how Rukia won her last bout. That's just barely enough of a gap to make me pick one. I still wish a horrible and slow death for both characters.
Agreed both suck and are terrible. Sakura slightly less so, but not by much.
Maka and Tsubaki from Soul Eater dwarf both in character, use, and in Tsubaki's case fanservice.
I'm going to go with Sakura. I sorta liked Rukia for a few episodes/chapters, but that ended when Ichigo decided to pursue her back to Soul Society.
I don't have much of a preference for either of them, but at least Sakura has some sort of plot relevance, Rukia is just.. there.
I thought Orihime was the new leading lady. Either way Sakura is better.

Rukia is a drama queen and Orihime is annoying retard with shitty priorities.
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Both are no-goes but I prefer Sakura over Rukia. At least she can go smashy smashy and heal herself and others now while Rukia can only battle enemies either made of sand or whose heads are made of glasstanks. And she still almost died. Sakura now is useful in her own scale and universe. Rukia however... well, she's baggage and not a praticularly relyable battle factor.
I disagree. I can't think of anyone who is worse than Kagome in the leading ladies department. She's like a decoration whose only purpose is to be bukkaked on in a hentai doujin.
Sakura's role:
Part 1- Sasuke-kun!!!!!!! Sasuke-kun!!!!!!! Sasuke-kun!!!!!!!!!
Part 2- Sasuke-kun!!!!!!! Sasuke-kun!!!!!!! Sasuke-kun!!!!!!!!!

Rukia's role: Rukia was the one who gave Ichigo his powers. She's also a good friend of his who he almost died to rescue. Also apparently there's a magnet in her chest that sucks hands and weapons towards it, because people love stabbing her in the chest.... A LOT.
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