The Knight in Black and White Armor.


Aizen approached Orihime with ghost-like steps. It was as if the man could walk on air itself. A chill passed through the hall as his handsome, yet devilish face became a smile. As he moved closer, almost touching her innocent face, she felt her heart stop dead cold. So this would be it, this would be the end of everything. What could Orihime do to stand against such power, that had destroyed the Beast Captain Komamura within the blink of an eye? What power did she have in those hands of hers that could face the wrath of a being that had could stop Ban Kai blades with just a single finger?

"I was wondering where you were, I was hoping that you would join me for tea." Aizen lied directly to her face. He had known about her little escape plan all along. To think that one of his subjects had been stupid enough to fall for a simple Gigai made of spiritrons. He would see to it that the punishment would be severely met for the incompetent buffoon, but as for now he was going to enjoy having some tea with Orihime.

"I was just going for some fresh air," Orihime tried to smile.

"Of course, but it is time for you to know your place. You are mine and you will always be mine. Whatever I may dictate, you shall follow without fail. I am soon about to enter the Palace of the King, at least I can have my Queen by my side. Tell me Orihime, how will you enjoy your time at my side when I become the master of all that is and claim the throne?" Aizen playfully curled around his finger. "You place is to do whatever I say, or your friends will be forced to pay the consequences.

As Aizen spoke a rumble was heard from deep below the ground. Aizen raised an eyebrow. The floor and the walls began to shake as cracks appeared at Aizen's feet. Orihime was now clutching onto Aizen, her fear of the unknown shadowed her fear of the demon. A black fist exploded through the ground as stone debris was scattered in every direction.

Dust swelled around a shadowy figure within the cloud and when the dust dissipated, Orihime could see the figure of a knight in black and white armor. One arm was as white as snow and one arm was dark as night. A giant of a man, with the strength of an ox. A man that was neither quincy nor Shinigami. Dark hair obstructed his eyes, but as a surge of energy surrounded his body, that wild hair was pushed aside to show his eyes.

"Aizen, let Orihime go." The man said calmly as his powers began reaching their peak. Orihime had seen Chad in battle before, but never like this. There was a contorted look on Chad's face, turning that gentle front into angry scowl. Orihime had never seen Chad scowl. She had seen him roar and narrow his eyes, but this was completely different, a side of Chad that she had never seen before.

"So Ichigo sends his pawn to retrieve the woman?" Aizen asked, but Chad didn't answer. He kept that scowl of he charged forward with a brilliant aura of light trailing behind him. Aizen released Orihime and took a single step towards Chad. The awesome frame of Chad pulled back the great black first of his and raw power collected around abnormally large fingers. "El Directo"

The fist landed and there was a flash of light engulfing both opponents. Orihime had to hold on to a nearby pillar to make sure the shockwave wouldn't knock her over.

"Is that all you have, frankly I am a little disappointed in you my boy. I thought that you had some promise, but I see that you are nothing more than just another ant and I have to hold back from crushing you." Aizen said a he pushed away Chad's fist with just one finger. A darkness surrounded Chad and he was surrounded in a black box. Orihime heard Chad screams from within the shadows.

When the boxed disappeared nearly every part of Chad that was not covered in that armors was literally torn to bits. Blood matted his hair and covered his back as well as parts of his chest. The lower body was covered with more cuts than Orihime could even count. This was the same technique that had made Komamura fall, yet Chad still stood his ground.

As blood trickled down Chads ankles, he rose up to deliver a vicious uppercut to Aizen's stomach with Devil's Fist, the blow had now effect whatsoever. It was exactly the same as when he had struck Nnoitra. Aizen merely flicked a finger on Chad's shoulder and sent him sprawling on the ground. His body kept rolling until it hit the wall.

"As I was saying Orihime..."

"Does it look like I am finished?" Chad growled as he staggered back onto his legs with the power of will alone. Blood came out of Chad's already bleed mouth as he spoke, "You don't have any right to tell Orihime what to do, or what she will be. You think that just because she is gentle that she cannot fight. Your blind just like Urahara. You treat her like some sort of tool, but the truth is you don't understand Orihime at all. She bares all of our suffering on her shoulders. She cares about everyone and everything, that is why she is so gentle. That his strength, not her weakness. Someone as pure as that should be kept out of your disgusting hands."

"Such bravado," Aizen said as he vanished from thin air. He put his lips near Chad's ear and whispered in a dark and evil tone, "Listen boy, people like you have no relevance whatsoever. Your just a knight sent to be sacrificed and thats all you will ever be. Despite all the power you have attained, your still nothing compared to me. Although I must admit you have endurance for such a meager human. When all this is over, no one will even remember your name. You won't even be a memory. However, I know why you are really here."

Chad's eyes widened in shock as Aizen spoke Chad's deepest and darkest secret, "The girl is more than just your Nakama, more than just your friend. Even you the strong silent type, scream like an enraged animal to defend her. Why are you always the one to speak out for her? Why are always there by her side and standing beside her? Why are you always willing to sacrifice your life for her...It's because you love her."

With those words Chad finally reached his ultimate power and every part of Chad's body became engulfed with strong armor. From the bottom of his lower body to the top of his head, Chad was covered in mighty armor. His black arm was shaped like a shield and his white arm now held a mighty sword. He came at Aizen with all the rage, anger, hurt and sorrow he could muster. Aizen was finally forced to take out his blade and parry the blades.

Chad swung and swung, but it was all to no avail the blade was smashed with just a flick of Aizen's wrist. With a movement of his other hand, Aizen cut through Chad's shield and armor, right into the bony ribcage that protect Chad's lungs. Orihime could be heard screaming, but Chad couldn't hear as his eyes began to close. Chad's body was thrown aside like it had been in so many other battles. All that was left was for Orihime to heal back to normal.

It was at that point that Ichigo had entered the fray. Orihime continued to heal him, but her attention was drawn to her beloved prince. After all this is how things were supposed to be. The honorable, silent, and valiant knight had once again put his life on the line for his lady, but he would be doomed to forever be ignored.

He lays there during the final battle where all the Universe is at stake, but no one can see the poor soul lying on the floor in a poor of his own blood. All eyes are focused upon the Prince, who is destined to be King. His only reward for such sacrifice are the tears of his maiden.

Sadder still, was that he had known the outcome of the battle before it had even happen. His saber smashed, his shield broken and his armor destroyed. His sacrifices would be forgotten and dwarfed by the Archer, the Monkey, the Steel Jawed Pirate, the Old Man with his cane, the Feline Sorceress and the One-Eyed Ogre. Most of all he would forever remain in the shadow of his lord, for who would have a knight when one can have prince.
I liked your fic. There's something about the first paragraph that makes you want to read the story until the end and I'm glad I did.
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