The Justice Society of America (JSA)- Most powerful superhero team ever?

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A short essay highlighting the awesomeness of this most underrated team.

At its peak, the Justice Society was probably the most powerful team on Earth in the DCU, possibly the strongest team ever.
Members @ its peak-
-Atom Smasher- Class 100 brawler
-Black Adam- One of the few people capable of beating up Superman
-Captain Marvel- Also capable of beating up Superman
-Dr Fate (Hector Hall)- Probably the best magician short of Shazam and a few others
-Dr Midnite- The best physician on the DCU (probably)
-Flash (Jay Garrick)- Before IC could hit very high speeds and steal speed.
-Hawkgirl- Umm... strong and can fly?
-Hawkman- See above but +10
-Hourman (Rick Tyler)- 1hr precog, enhanced speed + strength, nothing special
-Jakeem Thunder- Through Thunderbolt can do various things including some reality warping.
-Mr Terrific- Third smartest dude on Earth (as mentioned in IC), probably superseded by Batman and Lex Luthor
-Power Girl- Could stand toe to toe with Wonder Woman, and possibly Supes (for a few minutes :p)
-Sand- Silicon based body, geokinesis
-Sentinel/Green Lantern (Alan Scott)- The only GL powered by Starheart, easily one of the most powerful forces in the DCU (except for its 1 stupid weakness)
-Stargirl- No comment
-Wildcat- Legendary hand to hand fighter, trained Batman

Although some of the members are mere streetlevelers (powerful streetlevelers, but streetlevelers nonetheless), the JSA had a really really strong core of heroes, featuring the heavy hitting of Capt Marvel and Black Adam, the many talents of Dr Fate, Thunderbolt and Alan Scott, as well as the brains of Mr Terrific and the skill of Dr Midnite.

As mentioned in Identity Crisis: The JSA teaches you how to be a hero

At their prime, there are few, if any, teams which could compare to their combined power.
-JLA Big 7- Not a chance- The JSA's old boys have it in the bag.
-Expanded JLA lineup (Green Arrow, Zatanna etc etc)- Maybe, but they don't have enough hard hitters or magic to counter Dr Fate, Thunderbolt, Capt Marvel, Black Adam and Alan Scott.
-Teen Titans- rofl
-Avengers/New Avengers- Some hope, but not much- Thor vs Capt Marvel AND Black Adam would be very unfair
-X-men- No contest (depends on the lineup, but 9/10 JSA)
-Fantastic Four- Ignoring Reed Richards with preptime, still no chance
-Defenders (Silver Surfer, Dr Strange, Hulk and Namor)- Maybe, but seriously- it would be 4 vs 1 in the JSA's favor- Thunderbolt + Dr Fate have it in the bag.
-Wildcats- Lol.

Vs Anime Teams
-Narutoverse- Again, Rofl
-Bleach Universe- Dr Fate ftw
-One Piece Universe- You serious?
-Z-fighters- (Don't want to open up this debate)
-Saint Seiya- The line stops here probably.

The only possible team who could beat the JSA at their peak would be the GLA, but thats only cause they have the omnipotent Squirrel Girl.

I think I'm rambling on abit here, but my main point is- JSA FTW!


Thank you. You may now tear apart my arguement. :nod
One member can help turn the tide

JLA, Hourman Million.

New Avengers, Sentry.

Avengers, Quasar and Genis-Vell.

Defenders, Dr. Strange > Dr. Fate.

However, Thunderbolt is one hell of an advantage for JSA.

And you forgot Spectre.

Justice Legion A is arguably > JSA.
radishbak said:
Thank you. You may now tear apart my arguement. :nod

Yup Yup. Arguement being torn apart alright :p

The main point is that the JSA are seriously underused in the OB- thusly this is a "Respect Thread" as such :nod

Henceforth- Post feats, scans or just rave on about the JSA here!
Justice Legion A?

The DC One Million counterpart to the modern day DCU Justice League.

The main point is that the JSA are seriously underused in the OB- thusly this is a "Respect Thread" as such

Henceforth- Post feats, scans or just rave on about the JSA here!

Spectre rejoining JSA would be a big boost to them.

Teen Titans would outnumber them, as superbatman86 said. We'd include TT post-2003, Titans, and every Titan reserve member. Plus, Raven at full power is a terror on par with Trigon, supposedly, prior to her resurrection.
The Current X-Men have Legion, Hope, and Nate (in the near future) on their roster.
Great Lake Avengers:




Team "I wanna be Superman too!":


Fantastic Four:


Infinity Watch with the Gems:


The Corps & the Guardians at their prime:




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