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I think Islam is based ASF

Hopefully the right wing in America/western Europe understand this and team up to start clamping down on the degenerates.


Europe right wing hates Islam tho.

They are all about catholic Christianity.

Most (male) right wingers just want to crack down on womens and gay rights.

I feel like accepting Islam is a necessary concession to that.


It would also make the left retract their strong stance against islamophobia if that happened.

So jokes all round.
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Seriously though, @SuperSaiyaMan12, section mods can only petition to have someone banned, and then it's best to have as much evidence as possible. The higher ups don't always believe accusations of duping, especially if their name is Mbxx.

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I replied to an atheist on TikTok and their foolish rainbow unicorn 🦄 and all of a sudden an entire herd appears :mjlol

if only I can use repel item :gglife
Instead of sweet scent

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You're a notorious cheater in pokemon. :ufdup
prepare yourself for the next generation of ass kicking... :mjgrin

will put Islam-related things to stay on topic, altho Shadow will probably ban me for those than the pokemon aspect... :russ

How many rich people have left their wealth in this world? and went to the Hereafter alone, poor and regretful of their deeds?- Allah

O, Son of Adam! How many have left their ruined home and went to the Hereafter happily and thankfully?- Allah

O, Son of Adam! For a believer in the Hereafter there Is Heaven for him.- Allah

O, Son of Adam! For a believer there Is nothing In this world except worship and difficulties and grief.- Allah

Oh, Musa!This worldly life Is only a port, amusement, ornament and boasting (among yourselves).- Allah

Oh, Musal One who pleases Me he fears Me, I will reward him Heaven.- Allah

O, Son of Adam! Indeed the servants act in this world until death overpowers him, Then he regrets his past sins and wrongdoing.- Allah

O, Son of Adam! Add to your provisions because the journey is long and difficult.- Allah

O, Son of Adam! The bounties of this world are not permanent!- Allah

O, Son of Adam! The jealous is degraded.- Allah

Oh, Son of Adam! Go slow! Indeed your sustenance is distributed.- Allah

O, Son of Adam! if you don’t sit with the poor and the prosperous people then how will you be prosperous?- Allah

It is you that by your disobedience and by making this world your and destroying your Hereafter, you make Me your enemy.- Allah

O, Son of Adam! I become closer to you with prosperity and by hiding your sins.- Allah

O, Son of Adam! Seek refuge from the worldly people and mix with the deprived.- Allah
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