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InuYasha, A Feudal Fairy Tale, is a popular manga series written by Rumiko Takahashi.
The story centers around a time-traveling middle school student, a half-demon, a lecherous monk,
a young fox demon, a demon slayer, and a nekomata in the Sengoku Period
who seek to restore the Jewel of Four Souls (Shikon no Tama) and to keep it out of the hands of the evil Naraku.


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"Inuyasha" takes place in feudal Japan. The story begins with Kikyou shot Inuyasha with her arrow and sealed him to a tree. She then died and her body was burned along with the Shikon Jewel. Then it shifted to current Japan. Kagome and her family lived on ancient ground of an old well. On her 15th birthday, she was pulled into the well by a centipede demon. After she got out of the well, she was in feudal Japan. She then saw a boy with dog ears pinned to a tree. A group of people showed up and thought that she was a demon in disguise. They captured her and brought her to the town priestess, Kaede. Kaede noticed that Kagome resembled her late sister, Kikyou. Later that night, the centipede demon attacked the village looking for Shikon Jewel. Kagome ran back to the forest. At that time, Inuyasha woke up because he smells the blood of the woman who killed him. The demon attacked Kagome and jewel felt out of her stomach. Kagome was desperate to stay alive, so she pulled the arrow out of Inuyasha, freeing him. Inuyasha killed the centipede demon, then demanded the jewel for himself. Kaede helped Kagome by placing a spell necklace around Inuyasha. All Kagome had to say was "sit" and Inuyasha will fall to the ground. Kaede said that Kagome is the reincarnation of her sister, Kikyou. Now, it is her job to protect the jewel. A crow demon later stole the jewel. While fighting it, Kagome broke the jewel with her arrow. The jewel fragments scattered everywhere. Kaede said that Inuyasha and Kagome have to work together to collect the jewel, because Kagome is the only one who can see/sense the fragments.

This would be a somewhat of an easy task, except for the fact that every demons and some humans are also after the jewel. The real excitement begins when Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshoumaru, showed up and wanted to kill Inuyasha. Thing starts to really heat up when Kikyou was brought back to life by a demon. Then Inuyasha and company found out about a demon named Naraku, who was responsible for Kikyou and Inuyasha's deaths 50 years ago. Inuyasha's new goals are to collect the jewel and destroy Naraku. Along the road, more people joined the group to destroy Naraku. The first was a little fox demon named Shippou. They then met up with a corrupt priest, Miroku. Last, a demon exterminator, Sango, also joined their quest to find the jewel and kill Naraku.

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Spoiler: InuYasha


is the male hero of the series. He is a half-demon ("han'yō" in Japanese). His father was a demon and his mother was human. He uses a weapon called the Tessaiga. It is a supernatural sword that is made from one of his father's fangs. This sword can destroy one hundred demons with just one swing. InuYasha can heal very fast and can recover from injuries which would kill for any average human. InuYasha loves Kikyo but things get less simple when he starts to have feelings of love for Kagome. Inuyasha is in love with Kagome but does not want her to know about it so he's mean to her at times but then he's nice at time's too.

Spoiler: Kagome


Kagome is the main character of this manga and anime series. Her grandfather is the keeper of Higurashi Shrine, a shintō shrine near Tokyo. On her fifteenth birthday, she is pulled into the Bone Eater's Well by a centipede demon, called Mistress Centipede. This takes her back in time to the Sengoku period of feudal Japan. It is here that she finds the half-demon, InuYasha, in a coma — sealed to the tree of ages by a sacred arrow for 50 years. Kagome eventually removes the arrow from his chest, freeing InuYasha and beginning their adventures.

Spoiler: Miroku


Miroku is a monk who likes pretty women (Sango does not like this). He always asks them if they could bare his children. He has a curse on him called Wind Tunnel that was made by Naraku. Naraku changed his shape into a pretty woman so that Miroku's grandfather, who also liked women, would come to Naraku. It was a trick to give him the curse. Wind Tunnel or Air Void is when Miroku can suck demons in with his right hand, just like a black hole. He uses it to fight instead of thinking that it's a curse, but it is a curse and he knows it inside because if he keeps using it and, if he waits for a long time without having a son to pass the Wind Tunnel on, he will get sucked into his own Wind Tunnel, which grows bigger every time. He wants to get revenge on Naraku for the curse so that when he dead Miroku's curse will be gone. When he meets Kagome, Inuyasha and Shippo, he goes with them, and joins him.

Spoiler: Sango


Sango is a highly skilled yōkai exterminator (妖怪退治屋, yōkai taijiya). She is a member of a group of exterminator trained to kill yōkai. Sango, like all other children of the village, had been training to master the art of yōkai extermination from a very young age. Her preferred weapon is a gigantic boomerang made of the bones of yōkai, and it is called the Hiraikotsu.

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