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The Intelligent Hip-Hop/Rap Discussion III - Part 5

Uncle Acid

Well-Known Member
Damn, this is awful. That's just way too young. RIP

At his best (Goin' Off and The Biz Never Sleeps) he was nothing short of brilliant. Two amazing albums.


Freshly drenched in coochie water
I gotta start caring more about my health. 30 is starting to feel more " middle aged" than it's supposed to.
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Well-Known Nooby
Letssssssss goooooo Its Ye Season boyz

is we goin be blue ball n be virgin for another year, is this going be another poopity Scoop Scooby-Doo plot?

tune in yalll, this Friday.

call me if you get lost hoe


nap time
I'm honestly not excited. I will give it a listen when it comes out but I hear some scoop diddy whoop whoop di scoop I'm turning it off.
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