The Incredible Hulk vs The Dark Knight

Between The Incredible Hulk and The Dark Knight.....

  • I prefer The Dark Knight

    Votes: 17 85.0%
  • I prefer The Incredible Hulk

    Votes: 3 15.0%

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Besides Wolverine, those are the two superhero films set to come out this year. Which film are you going to see? Which film will gross more cheese(money). Which film do you think is gonna be better? Which film are you more excited about?
i think dark knight FTW on all categories there and the death of hedger is going to make it even more of a blockbuster :zaru

why isnt iron man there :zaru
I've been waiting for Dark Knight since Batman Begins came out.

I'm just now thinking about Incredible Hulk because of this thread.
Dark Knight will be the summer blockbuster king, I guarantee it.
Both and The Dark Knight will own everything. That is probably the most expected movie this year and will make more opening weekend then maybe even the Spiderman movies.

Ironman will totally best Hulk.
Dark Knight, but the Hulk movie looks pretty damn good. I agree with the others, you should have included Iron Man.
The Dark Knight has more going for it. Besides being a sequel to a great movie (while the Incredible Hulk is the exact opposite), Heath Ledger plays a big role in the deciding factor. Besides being one of his last films (lots of cheese there) it's also rumored his performance as the Joker is award worthy (also lots of cheese).
Dark Knight is in a league of its own, Hulk will never make more than it. Especially with it being Ledgers last completed movie.
Dark Knight stomps.

Ironman will be up there too, but not as high. whut I didn't even know there was another Hulk movie till this thread :sag
Well, expect for the first 2 Spider-Mans, the Marvel movies have sucked bad. The DC ones are usually good until they jump the shark. I'm gonna check them all out though. this is sorta my thing.
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