The Heralds vs The Care Bears

Bolt Crank

Or maybe hang me upside down?
Galactus lands in Care-A-Lot, deciding that it shall be his next meal.

"Puny creatures! I am Galactus! I shall devour the world you live in, and there's nothing you can do to stop me!" says Galactus as he prepares his world-devouring machine.

"I don't think so! We have the power of love and friendship on our side, thus we will defeat you!" says Tenderheart Bear

"Yeah, right. HERALDS! Your master summons you! Destroy these furry annoyancesso I can feed in peace!" says Galactus.

From Galactus' spaceship poured every single one of his heralds.

"I think it's time for the Care Bear Stare. 1,2,3,GO!" says Sunshine Bear

So, it's:

Every single one of Galactus heralds


Every single Care Bear

Can the power of love, friendship and caring conquer the Power Cosmic?​
Burning and screaming fuzzy bears is actually something I find amusing...

Care Bears: You can never defeat the power of...
Fire-Lord: Burn!

I wonder what roasted Care Bear taste like. They are made of actual flesh and stuff, right? I'm really in the mood for Barbecue now...
Carebears wins.

Why, you might wonder? Simple: Love and hope always win out in the end. Any cliched movie will tell you that. The odds are stacked fully in the Bears favor. And speaking of that, clearly some of you forget that the Caring ones have Saturday Night Live in their favor. "Who're we gonna root for? Da Bears."
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