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The explanation about the color change of Sakura's forehead protector


New Member
I was wandering... The ribbon that once was returned to Ino by Sakura now, it makes sense, is back as part of the forehead protector that Sakura wears in part two (Just saw both ep. 41 and the cover of volume 30)... What do u think?


Well-Known Member
I think it was just to match her new clothes. It was originally green too, but since she no longer wears green he changed it.


Bijutsu Specialist
It obviously means that she is now under Gai's training. Choji too.
Seriously, I doubt it's anything significant, just color coordination.


<marquee><font color="yellow"><b>▪ GB Prodigy ▪</b
no...i dont think its ino's ribbon, just a random ribbon to match her clothes :oh
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