The Escaping Snake. Orochimaru strikes back.

Narutimate Hero

Konoha's greatest
At the first page of this chapter, we saw Susano'o sealing Orochimaru and the hydra using the Sword of Totsuka


Also on that particular page we saw the snake detaching from the hydra and escaping before the hydra was completely sealed inside the inescapable genjutsu.

Also on page 16, right after the panel that shows Itachi falling down, the snake was also shown, coming outside the pile of rocks, seemingly hiding and only came out when it knew it was safe.

What was that supposed to mean? Did Orochimaru, on the last minute, managed to avoid this so called inescapable genjutsu and assumed the form of the snake?

I think it is very possible. Otherwise Kishimoto wouldn't bother drawing those scenes.

So the Sword of Totsuka will absorb anything it pierces/cuts, given that the target has one body. We should remember that Orochimaru can reproduce his body into a snake, and he has shown that numerous of times already. On the last minute, a snake detached from the hydra and escaped.

If I am wrong, then what was the snake suppose to mean? Snake, rebirth and rejuvination are synonimous to Orochimaru's name. Orochimaru is back and alive.
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