The Costume Change Count


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The Costume Change Count
Another of my lugubrious counts; I intend to take as many important, or even semi-important characters in the manga Naruto as possible, and trace how many costume changes they’ve had over the course of the manga. We’ll kickoff with Naruto himself, of course.
NB: You may notice that Nagato, Yahiko and/or Pein are absent. This is because I’m still undecided on exactly how to deal with him/them.

Uzumaki Naruto
1. Black shirt and orange pants
2. Standard orange jumpsuit
3. Panda-patterned pajamas
4. White shirt and brown shorts (7-year old Naruto)
5. Standard Orange-and-black jumpsuit
6. White-cloaked Naruto
7. Boxers only
8. Black mourning suit
Uchiha Sasuke
1. Navy-blue shirt, white shorts, and arm guards
2. Black high-collared shirt and white shorts (Chuunin exams)
3. Blue shirt and white trousers
4. Long-sleeved black shirt and white shorts (7-year old Sasuke)
5. Brown robe
6. White open-chest gi, black trousers, purple rope
7. Black gi, black trousers, purple rope
8. Black-cloaked Sasuke
9. Black mourning suit
Haruno Sakura
1. Pink dress and green shorts
2. Pink sleeveless dress and shorts
3. Pink sleeveless shirt and shorts (and the f-ck me boots, nevah forget!)
4. Pink pinafore and white blouse
5. Cute Flower-patterned white blouse and maroon shorts (8-year old Sakura)
6. White-cloaked Sakura
7. Black mourning suit
Hatake Kakashi
1. Navy-blue jumpsuit and jounin vest
2. Black jumpsuit and jounin vest
3. Black t-shirt, arm guards, white shorts, tanto (12-year old Kakashi)
4. Armored ANBU getup and mask (flashback)
5. White-cloaked Kakashi
Nara Shikamaru
1. Cream-colored vest, fishnet and shorts
2. As above +chuunin vest
3. Black jumpsuit and chuunin vest
4. Noob Shikamaru
Hyuuga Hinata
1. Brown jacket and blue pants
2. white kimono (4-year old Hinata)
3. White training suit (6-year old Hinata)
4. White-and purple jacket and trousers
5. White cloaked Hinata
Hyuuga Neji
1. Airman’s cap, cream shirt, brown shorts
2. White gi and black pants
3. White training suit (8-year old Neji)
4. Black formal wear (6-year old Neji)
Sabaku no Gaara
1. Brown trousers, white turban, red tunic, gourd
2. Tha Pimp Suit™
3. Tha upgraded Pimp Suit™
4. Kazekage robes
5. Blue long-sleeved shirt and red shorts (7-year old Gaara)
Rock Lee
1. Green training suit
2. As above +chuunin vest
3. Gray gi and black pants
Yamanaka Ino
1. Purple dress
2. Purple hoe outfit
3. Yellow blouse and shorts
Akimichi Chouji
1. Aquamarine shirt and ash shorts
2. Armored ensemble
3. Noob Chouji
Inuzuka Kiba
1. Violet furred coat, black shorts
2. Black jacket and shorts
3. White-cloaked Kiba
Aburame Shino
1. Brown high collared jacket and shorts
2. White furred coat, high collared…something, and shorts
3. White cloaked Shino
Yuuhi Kurenai
1. White bandage dress, red blouse
2. Black dress
3. Shirt and shorts +chuunin vest
Sarutobi Asuma
1. Black jumpsuit and jounin vest, ‘Guardian of fire’ loincloth
Sabaku no Temari
1. Pink side-slitted dress, fishnet
2. Fuchsia dress and red pinafore
3. Black outfit
Sabaku no Kankurou
1. Black jumpsuit and kabuki paint (3 variants)
2. Convalescence
Shodai Hokage: Red armor over black unfirom
Nidaime Hokage: Blue armor over black uniform
Sandaime Hokage (Sarutobi)
1. Official Hokage wear
2. Black battle suit and mini-helm
3. Brown t-shirt and brown shorts (12-year old Sarutobi)
4. Brown gi and black trousers (As sensei for team Sannin)
5. Black gi, brown trousers and Hokage hat (Sandaime prime, biotch!)
Yondaime Hokage (Namikaze Minato)
1. Standard navy-blue jumpsuit +jounin vest
2. As above + White coat with flame design
3. Black shirt and trousers
Godaime Hokage (Tsunade)
1. Jumpsuit+jounin vest variant
2. White blouse, fishnet, red skirt
3. Light blue jacket, brown trousers
4. Green blouse and skirt (12-year old Tsunade)
5. Teal gi and green trousers
6. As above +green coat with ‘Gambler’ inscribed (sometimes +Hokage hat)
1. Jumpsuit+jounin vest
2. As above +black poncho
3. Olive gi and purple pants (12-year old Orochimaru)
4. Olive long-sleeved shirt, purple rope, trousers
5. Kazekage wear
6. Convalescent
7. Butt naked and vomiting lol (twice! :omg)
8. Akatsuki outfit
1. Red outfit, grey vest, scroll
2. Brown (?) robe and pants (the traveler)
3. Jumpsuit +jounin vest variant
4. Grey gi and brown trousers(12-year old Jiraiya)
Uchiha Itachi
1. Short-sleeved black Uchiha shirt, and grey shorts
2. ANBU getup sans mask
3. Akatsuki outfit
Uchiha Madara
1. Armor of indeterminate color over black
2. Akatsuki outfit
3. Black overcloak and swirly mask
4. Long-sleeved Uchiha shirt, poncho, shorts.
Umino Iruka : Jumpsuit +chuunin vest

More to be added as inspiration/memory strikes…
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when did kakashi have the flashback when he was in ANBU?, what chapter please.

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