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it's recorded cannibalism post Qin dynasty. A lot of it was probably famine, but apparently the han killed and ate the indigenous Formosans in the late 1800s.
I was unfortunately introduced to Chinese cannibalism through a Chinese short story called ‘Diary of a Mad Man’ by the writer Lu Xun. It was allegedly inspired by the irl event of ca 1900 disgruntled Chinese peasants tearing a governors beating heart out his chest with their bare hands... and eating the fucking thing.
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This made me lol. Tucker must have been panicked cause he ended that interview hella' fast after spouting some random bullshit with no examples to back any of it up.

Tucker doesn't back up most of the shit he says. It's all bad vibes and made up BS. Like his audience doesn't need him to prove anything to them.


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Also in all seriousness pliskin's a very nice poster. I don't think I've ever seem him start shit or continue shit with other posters. He was nice to me even when I was regularly getting dogpiled.

He does seem to be pretty left wing so he's obviously not a good person, but he's at least a civil and kind poster. :hmpf


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unironically nicest/friendliest people here are:

workingmoogle, pliskin, swarmy

people with less than great opinions who still conduct themselves in a friendly way:

skyfall, reiatsuflow, demondragonj :mjpls:


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Iraq: please we’re telling you we don’t have WMDs don’t attack us!

US: Bullshit we’re gonna invade

North Korea: Not only do we have nukes, We’re gonna use it on you!

US: Naw…thats bullshit dog


Cloud Atlas (2012) was surprisingly good for such a wacky concept. True art. Kind of feels like you're dreaming. It's an "experience".

As a linguist I also liked the prediction of what English will sound like in 2300. It seems like they've looked at various kinds of contemporary "bottom-class" English sociolects, like British working class, African-American, Caribbean etc. etc., and extrapolated that these varieties will eventually become the mainstream. Presumably because their speakers will eventually outnumber the speakers of Standard English, which in the future of Cloud Atlas seems to still be around as a kind of archaic prestige variety ("Classical English"), similar to how Latin coexists with Italian in the city of Rome.
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