The adventures of team 7 in the land of beast(chpt. 6)


Dance, cherryblossom petals
?Naruto and I can?t go,? said Koji, ?we aren?t change. You go, you?re ready.?

?Fine,? said Sasuke, ?NARUTO.? Sasuke?s voice startled Naruto, that when Naruto jumped on the board with one foot, than the board moved foreward, causing Naruto to fall backwards making his head hit the road hard. Naruto was knocked out. Sasuke and Koji ran to Naruto seeing if he?s ok.

?Now what?? asked Koji.

?You get the doctor, and I?ll get the girls,? Sasuke commanded. AS fast as he can Sasuke grabbed the skateboard and rode on it towards the park, while doing tricks to make him go faster.

?And someone that doesn?t surprise me,? said Koji, looking at the direction Sasuke went to, while trying to haul Naruto to the house.

-End of Flashback-

?So wouldn?t that mean, that it was you fault that Naruto?s injured,? said Hiruka.

?Hn,? said Sasuke, ?the point is we have to go to Koji?s house to figure out what were going to do.?

?Ok, let?s go,? said the girls in unison. Sasuke rode on the skateboard, while he girls ran. Since the park wasn?t that far from Koji?s house, it only took them 10 minutes to get there. When they entered the door they found Naruto on the floor eating ramen. The girls were confused. ?Is this a joke?? asked Sakura.

?The doctor said that Naruto?s fine, he just fell asleep,? said Koji. All three children sweat dropped.

?So what are we gonna do now?? asked Hiruka, walking towards the living room followed by Sakura and Sasuke. The girls both sat on the floor while Sasuke remained standing.

?Well Naruto and I are still in our jammies. So we?ll stay here and you guys go and do everything else,? said Koji turning on the TV.


?Oh yeah, the doctor said that Naruto should stay in bed and rest,? said Koji, ? so I?ll stay here and watch him.?

?What does that have to do anything Naruto big enough to stay by himself,? said Sasuke.

?True, but I don?t want him to ruin my house,? replied Koji.

?FINE!? yelled the girls, stomping out the door than slamming the door shut.

Sasuke sighed, and followed the girls.

?Good luck with them Sasuke,? said Koji, causing Naruto to laugh, and spit out his ramen.

?Oh man what a waste.?

Naruto: Thanks a lot Sasuke, look what you did, wasting a completely good ramen.
Sasuke: Right, it was your fault.

Naruto: Hmph

Sakura: When did you learn how to ride a skateboard Sasuke?

Sasuke: It took me a while to learn, just for this fanfiction. But on the brightside I have one more thing I'm better than Naruto.

Naruto: Ahhh...well you'll never beat me in a ramen eating contest!

Sasuke: Do you really think I want to eat that much ramen?

Naruto: Your just scared, chicken head.

Sakura: Naruto! DON'T YOU MAKE FUN OF SASUKE'S COOL HAIRSTYLE! -punches Naruto's head-

Naruto: Ow. Why do you always go on his side?

Sakura: Because Naruto, I admire Sasuke, he is my idol, he is my hero, he is-

Naruto: Not paying attention to you.

Sakura: What do you mean Naruto?

Naruto: He's over there doing the announcement


Sasuke:DON'TFORGET TO REVIEW!! and here's Sakura with more announcement -points to Sakura-

Sakura: Thanks Sasuke, see your really nice, thats why I admire you, thats-

Sasuke: Are you going to do the annoucement or not?


Naruto: Here's a secret. She hasn't started them yet. -laughs-

Me: YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSE TO SAY THAT NARUTO! -hits Naruto on the head-

Sakura: -hits Naruto on the head-

Me: Why did you hit him?

Sakura: Because I wanted to.

Me and Sakura: -Rolls on floor laughing-

Sasuke: -anime sweat dropped- Don't Forget to Review!

chapt. 6 pt 2

?So is Koji and Naruto coming?? asked Hiruka

?No,? answered Sasuke, ?no because Naruto is in Koji?s house getting checked by a doctor.?

?Huh? A doctor,? asked a confuse Sakura, ?what did he eat too much ramen and exploded, so now the doctor has to sew all his pieces back together.? Hiruka silently laughed at Sakura?s joke. ?And when did you learn how ride a skateboard, and why were you late, and...and?

?Ok, ok Sakura,? said Sasuke getting annoyed by all of Sakura?s questions, ?I?ll tell you what happened. Just stop asking questions.?

?Fine.? said Sakura pretending to zip her mouth, locking it, and throwing the key away, than sat down on the bench like a little girl getting ready to hear a story. Sasuke and Hiruka anime sweat dropped at how childish Sakura was acting.

?Ok here?s how it all started,? began Sasuke.


Koji opened the door to his house, after arriving from the party. They all got inside and sat down on the couch in the living room. ?Ok guys, it?s a big day tomorrow, so lets all change and hit the hay,? ordered Koji, ?Who?s going first??


?Fine, loser.? Sasuke went upstairs and changed. After 5 minutes he came down, he wore a blue shirt and blue gym shorts. When he came he saw Naruto putting a DVD in the DVD player.

?What are you doing?? asked Sasuke, while he was walking down the stairs.

?Koji said we can watch this awesome movie he just got,? said Naruto, holding up the DVD case ?Koji?s in the kitchen preparing the snacks.? Naruto stood up, handed Sasuke the DVD case and walked upstairs to change. Sasuke looked at the DVD case, the title read ?Kung Fu boarding? it had a picture of a two guys and girl hitting six people with a sword on top of a skateboard. ?This movie looks really dumb,? mumble Sasuke to himself, turning the case to the back. This time it showed three pictures. The first picture had a guy doing a trick on his board, while hitting his enemy. The second one had a picture of the three main characters skateboarding out of an exploding building. The third one had Sasuke surprised, it was a picture of one of the two guys and the girl looking at the each other getting ready to kiss with fireworks in the background.

?Tch, I thought this was a fighting moving, not romance show,? thought Sasuke, while putting the case on the table.

?I?M READY FOR THE AWESOME COOL SHOW!? yelled Naruto, running down the stairs. He wore an orange shirt that says ?Any food is good unless their green? and orange gym shorts with white stripes. ?Hey Koji I the food done yet!?

?Yup, here is,? said Koji, walking in the living room with chips and popcorn in each hand. He set the food on the table, and quickly ran back to the kitchen to get root beer, sprite, coke, and three cups. ?Here guys,? said Koji, placing the soda and cups near the food, ?don?t start the show yet. Let me change.?

?YOU GOT IT, BUDDY!?yelled Naruto, grabbing a chip from the bowl and throwing it in his mouth. After a few minutes of waiting Koji came down wearing a white baggy shirt, and black pajama pants. ?Let the movie begin!? said Naruto, grabbing the remote and pressing play. All three boys were sitting on the floor with the table of sweets behind them.

?Hey loser, skip the previews and get on with the show,? said Sasuke, getting annoyed with all the romance films coming out on DVD previews.

?Ok, ok, fine,? obliged Naruto, ?Its not my fault you don?t believe in true love.?

?Uh huh?

?Why Sasuke, are you afraid girls have cooties?!? joked Koji. Naruto laughed so hard the sprite he was drinking came out of his nose. Sasuke threw a hand full of chips both at Naruto and Koji, who were both laughing real hard.

?S-Sasuke afraid...of...cooties!?laughed Naruto. Sasuke hit Naruto on the head, giving him a giant bump on the head. ?Shut up,? said an annoyed Sasuke. All three of them stopped joking around when the screen finally showed the title of the movie.

The movie began with the three main characters, who were all friends, were doing tricks in the skate parks. All the tricks they did captured the boys attention, even Sasuke?s. After the friends left the park a van came out and grab all three of them. The people in the van were actually secret agents ordered by the government to tell the three friends that they have to find out the plans of the FBI?s most wanted person and destroy it. The three friends were wanted for this job for there skill of being able to skate and destroy an object they use to skate on. They were able to destroy objects from benches to car windows, all except the skate park. The three friends were name Kai, the annoying person in the group, Daisuke, the non talkative and more distance from the group, Haruka, the fun person in the group and who is in love with Daisuke. In the middle of the movie, Haruka asked Daisuke out, and he said yes. Haruka told Daisuke her feeling for him and it turned out Daisuke also loved Haruka.

?Awww, maybe Sakura will ask you out someday Sasuke,? said Naruto, crying from the scene, ?and maybe when she tells you her feelings, you?ll feel the same way.? Naruto expected Sasuke to say ?yeah?, but instead Sasuke dumped the chips on Naruto?s head.

Haruka and Daisuke was leaning in to kiss, but the villain came out of no where and took Haruka. Daisuke quickly went on his board and rode after the villain, but the villain had a gun to Haruka. The villain told Daisuke to work for the him or he?ll kill Haruka. The villain explained how he always wanted Daisuke because he was the strongest out of the three skaters. After a few moments Daisuke went to the villain and agreed, than the villain threw Haruka at the sidewalk. Daisuke than attacked the villain with his board, but the villain knew this was coming and so the villain quickly pointed the gun at him, which made Daisuke stopped before he could hit the villain. Since the villain forgot about Haruka, she wen behind the villain and used her boards to hit the villains head. Daisuke tied up the villain and took his gun. Later Kai and the FBI agents came and took the villain away. Than Daisuke kissed Haruka in the lips and fireworks were in the background. The screen went black and showed the credits.

?That was a horrible ending,? said Sasuke, standing up.

?Well, I thought it was the most beautiful ending ever,? said Naruto, with heart shaped eyes.

?What is this American idol?? said Koji, looking at the two boys awkwardly, ?And here we are folks we?ve heard from Simon, and Paula. Now let?s here from Randy.? Koji grabbed two pillows and threw them both at Sasuke and Naruto. ?Let?s get to bed.?

?Hey Koji, do you have any skateboards?? asked Naruto.

?Yeah, one,? said Koji, ?I don?t use it anymore. I stink at skateboarding.?

?Let me try use it.,? Naruto said, getting excited, ?watch I?ll be just like in the show!?

?It?s 2 in the morning, and you want to skate,? said Koji, ?We did to sleep.?

?Just a quick try. Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaasssseeeeee!? whined Naruto, getting down on both knees begging for the board.

?Fine, its in the closet,? answered Koji, walking towards the closest, ?I?ll get it, and you guys go outside.?

?ALL RIGHT,? said Naruto, running outside followed by Sasuke. After a few minutes of waiting, Koji came outside and handed Naruto the board. Naruto quickly jumped on the board, causing the board to move forward, making Naruto fall. For 3 hours the two boys the watch Naruto falling off the skateboard each time he got on it. After watching him fall for the millionth time, Sasuke and Koji fell asleep on the porch.

When the rays of the sun hit Sasuke?s face he awoke immediately remembering that they were suppose to meet the girls at the park at 9. He shook Koji to wake him up, and when Sasuke saw Naruto he was on the board asleep. Sasuke threw a rock on Naruto?s head and he woke up instantly and started to ?try? riding the board again. Koji woke up and watch Naruto ride the board, while Sasuke went inside to change. Sasuke ran back outside as fast as he can after changing and told the guys that their late in meeting the girls.
chapt. 6 pt 1

Sorry that I haven't updated in a while. I got sick XP. But now the wait is over HERE ISCHAPTER 6. Hope you'll enjoy it.

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Chapter 6: The Guy's Night

Early next morning the girls woke up early, and was now in the park talking, waiting for the guys to arrive. Sakura was wearing a pink shirt that has ?hugs n kisses? written in dark blue, tan shorts that reaches to knees, and white with pink stripes adidas shoes. Hiruka wore a black shirt with a picture of a red rose, blue denim pants, and plain white DC shoes.

?Why are they taking so long,? complained Hiruka, ?its been 15 whole minutes! Koji told us to come here at 9:30 and now its 9:45! Oh wait, never mind its 9:46!?

?Stop complaining. I?m tired of waiting too,? said Sakura, ?I wouldn?t have expected Naruto to be here this early, but Sasuke, now he surprised me. Everyday when our sensei told us to meet somewhere, he was always the first one there! EVEN when I came there at 4:30 in morning, he was there standing, trying to look cool.?

?You wake up 4:30 in the morning just so you can beat your team mate to a meeting spot,? said Hiruka, looking at Sakura like she?s a physco.

?It?s not that weird. We usually go to our meeting spots at 5 in the morning?

?Yeah sure,? said Hiruka sarcastically.

?Hmph,? said Sakura, looking back at the entrance of the park. There she saw a boy doing tricks on a skateboard. The boy looked almost liked Sasuke, but Sakura knew that it couldn?t be Sasuke because he doesn?t know how to skateboard...can he.

?Hey doesn?t the guy over there look like Sasuke?? Sakura asked.

?Hmm, he does. I didn?t know he can skate,? answered Hiruka, ?he?s really good, he might be as good as Ijimeru.? The boy was close enough to tell that it was Sasuke. On the way Sasuke did a 50-50 grind on a near by bench, than quickly jumping off the bench doing a kickflip in the air, and instead of landing flat on the ground he did a manual. Sakura was surprised at how good Sasuke was, and was wondering how he learned all those tricks. As soon Sasuke was ten feet away from the girls he jump from the manual he was doing and did an impossible and landing flat on the ground directly in front of the bench the girls were sitting in.

?Sasuke, w-when... how... s-since...where... w-when,? stammered Sakura, trying to get all her questions to form sentences.


?Oh great,? grumbled Sasuke. Sasuke was wearing a plain white baggy shirt, tan brown shorts that reaches pass his knees, and black Dc shoes with the DC emblem and shoelace white.
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