The 6 Peins Vs 6 Jonin level shinobi (Kakashi,Kabuto,Gai,Zabuza,Hiashi,Current Naruto

Which team takes this?

  • Team Jonin

    Votes: 13 61.9%
  • The Peins

    Votes: 8 38.1%

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Will Rep for Food!! ;)
This starts off as an even battle with all of Peins bodies fighting against the jonin that suits them best (whichever that may be).

It is possible that as members of a team are eliminated their will be ganging up against the remaining opponents so consider this in the battle.


Summoning pein is allowed a maximum of two summons that are not to be larger than say a Dumptruck.

Gai can only use 4 gates.....

Naruto can only use Kn0 that was seen against Kakazu or at the most Kn1.

Kakashi IS allowed to use MS as a last resort.

all other JONIN characters abilities are fully allowed without question.
i actually had a thought earlier today. i think each pein is of akatsuki level. no real hard evidence besides each one of their complete badassness in the fight vs j-man. Each one of them by them selves had to make j-man change his tactics.

and if say the summons pein could take out kakazu one on one. it took two jounin and 6 chuunin to take them out.

my thought from earlier made me conclude this: pein is drastically underrated. the only fight we've seen him in he was fighting j-man in hermit mode and he did great.
This has kind of been done before, but with a different Jounin team... I say the jounins win... Kabuto is good for healing any injuries and i think the rest of the fighters have enough individual skill to take on an individual Pein body
Team Pain cuz with that many differnt shinobi (Team Jounin) it becomes difficult to coordinate where as the Pains have perfect teamwork.
i think zabuza and lee would be a huge asset.

zabuza's mist could blind the peins while 4 gate lee blizts and even haishi since hes a heavy taijustu and by the stats book, hes really fast and strong

naruto would stand his own. and summoning gamabunta would be more than enough to handle the summoning pain. if the weaker frog held his own, the frog king gamabunta would have owned.

kabuto could have been good back up

kakashi is near hokage level so id expect him to rakiri one or even two of the peins.
I think the Pein bodies are at a disadvantage if each of them has to fight a quality opponent because they are so one dimentional

Plus Kakashi Hiashi and Gai is peeerrty fuckin sweet

Jounins FTW
You shouldn't of even bothered to restrict Gai, the outcome would be the same.

Pein uses his bodies flawlessley and I'd say each of them are kage level when used together.

Pein doesn't rape...but he doesn't have much of a hard time either.
well if gai = kakashi, and kakashi couldn't even take out kakazu with 3 chuunin, i don't understand how kakashi and gai can take on six pains?

is the crack your smoking that good?
If you make Pain fight individually as you're saying, he loses. If he fights together, he could pull it off. He has the best teamwork in the whole manga.
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