The 47 Ronin FC


Valar Morghulis

The 47 ronin is a traditional Japanese story of 47 samurai who killed the man who forced thier lord to kill himself. After that the 47 ronin were forced to commit seppku (belly-cutting) and died. Today there graves are in Japan al lined up in a row, to honor there bravery and lyoalty to there master.

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Team Kamatitachi
*Kenshin Himura-co-leader

Team Shukuchi
*Flying Thunder God-Leader
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In this FC you will be placed in teams, each team will have a leader and a co-leader. After that will come member and then apprentice. In order to become something os higer rank you must show that you are worthy of it OR talk to your team leader. Also your team leader will choose if he or she will want more rules that applies to his or her team and they MUST be followed or you will commit seppku!
Shukuchi means "reduced earth",,,the meaning comes from the way the user seems to reduce the amount of space between himself and his opponent. Its Seta Sojiro's move form Ruruoni Kenshin....The one that surpasses god-like speed. I chose it becuase I wanted something that has to do with amazing speed(to go with my name)
ohhhhhhh okay:WOW

Mitsu what do you wanna be called, your team that is:zaru
Thunder can you size the sumbol down to be the size of the Hachimata sig??
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