Thanos with prep vs Dr.Doom and Reed Richards with prep


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Who would win in a battle of prep?

Thanos with prep time, or Dr.Doom and Reed Richards working together with prep.

1st Scenario: Each side gets 1 month of prep-time

2nd Scenario: Thanos only gets 1 week of prep. Reed and Doom get 1 month.

3rd Scenario: Thanos gets 1 month of prep. Reed and Doom get 1 week.

Their goal is to eliminate each other off the face of the multi-verse.
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+Thanos with prep is banned :|

Prep against Thanos is useless (Read Marvel:The End #1 and #2) since he keeps an eye on doom and reed as he considers them to be interesting humans.

Thanos has gained nigh omnipotence 3 times using prep? Since he has several cosmic cubes and shit loads of power cosmic (all morgs power) i don't see him losing #1, #2 or #3.

PS i'm a Thanos fanboy.
Thanos killed off Mr.Fantastic and the rest of the Fantastic Four before they even knew what hit them. Dr. Doom lost out even when Thanos was holding back on using the full power of the Infinity Gauntlet. His prep pretty much has him winning unless he CHOOSES to lose. Basically, Doom is an innocent teenager in comparison to Thanos' level.
Are you serious? Is there that much of a difference in intellect? =/

Reed fights off abstracts in an effort to save the planet. Doom tries to take their power and become omnipotent.

Thanos curbstomps abstracts and gains omnipotence because he's bored.
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