TEMPTATION-the Edward Cullen fan club


this is an fc all for edward cullen (the awsomest vampire and only one ive read abot)mostly for girls

you just may have an edward cullen in your life if you do plz tell me EVERYTHINGsmile:love:ano
edward cullen??? as in the charater from tiwilight?

coool can i join i'v all ready read all three
If this is an anime/manga character, then it goes in a different FC section SO...I r moving it - enjoy!

pt 2:

Mmm this is a duplicate FC for one you've already made, oO?

And in the wrong section, still - moving and merging :amuse


Ok all done and tidied up. Enjoy the FC, be sure not to double post or get too spammy, and have fun!
I've had ELDEST by Christopher Paolini for a few days, and am only on pg 100. :apathy
I have no clue as to why I'm reading at such a slow pace.
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