Tehran police chief caught with 6 prostitutes

DUDI COHEN, Israel News

Tehran's police chief, Reza Zarei, has been arrested after he was found nude in a local brothel with six naked prostitutes, the Farda news website reported Wednesday.

Zarei stepped down from his post following the raid, the report said. According to another popular Iranian website, Gooya, the order to raid the brothel was given directly by Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, chief of the judicial authorities.

Over the past year Zarei was in charge of enforcing the Islamic dress code on Iranian women with the purpose of "moralizing of the city."

It is alleged that in the past six months, hundreds of young people have been arrested in Iran for not respecting the Islamic code of behavior.

Rumors of the brothel incident had been spreading in Iran for the past two weeks, and last week Zarei was replaced after four years as chief of police in Tehran.

The arrest was not reported by any of Iran's official news agencies. Farda News, which broke the story, is a website said to be close to the mayor of Tehran and former chief of the police forces, Mohammed Bagher Qalibaf and is considered reliable.

Just proves that politicians are the same all over.
What a coincidence that those who crusade as the most morally righteous inevitably turn out to be the biggest hypocrites of all.

The arrest was not reported by any of Iran's official news agencies.

lol. That guy was the chief of the guys and women going all "OMG JOOR SCARF R NOT TEH HALLALY PUT ON YER HED !!! PRISON !!!"

I wonder how many prostitutes does the supreme guide invite in his residence,and how wild parties are there...
Seems prostitutions is the dig nowadays....How would have guessed that New York and Tehran had something in common.
i'm shocked this wasn't reported in iran, so much for journalism and lol at isreali news source =D anyway hope he is put away for this, what is it 60 lashes for adultery over there ?
Police chief:*Ahem* "And that is why you girls are bad bad bad!"
Officer: "You better come with me, sir."
Prostitute #1: "Thankfully he paid in advance."
Officer: "And you are going to be stoned."
Prostitute #2: "We are stoned."
Officer: "..."

The word of mouth is powerful in Iran. Don't underestimate the power of gossip.



Those who put themselves up as being self-righteous are usually the lowest of scum.
Iranian women get freaky by TAKING OFF THEIR VEILS

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