Team Sharingan (Itachi, Sasuke, and Kakashi) vs Pain


Don't fear the snake :P
Another random thought. Whose teamwork would eventually prevail? Team Sharingan have genjutsus out the wazoo but Pain has shared vision and each compliments the other. What would be the conclusion to this epic battle?
Team Sharingan FTW! With their smart minds and great strategies they will curbstomp Pain to no end!
Lol@ people who say Sharingan wins.

What's Kakashi gonna do? I'll tell you: go to hospital for no fucking reason. Sasuke can't do shit against summon and absorption Pein together and Itachi would have to use MS immediately and even with that his Tsukuyomi is neutralized instantly because he's fighting multiple people with the eyes of God and I'm pretty sure Rinnegan has some crazy jutsu that make Amaterasu and Susano'o look like shit.

It's very difficult to say who would win. I'm sure that the Rinnegan has abilities equally as dangerous as Amaratsu, Susuanoo, Tsukiyomi, and Kirin. Itachi' genjutsu would play a major role in this fight since we know that Pein is vulernable to the art. By wearing one by down using the technique, Itach can give Kakashi just about enough time to use his Mangekou Sharingan ability and permanently remove one body from the the fight.

When the other bodies show up, it will be up to Itachi to use his Amaratsu in order to permanently annihilate a a few of them (I think he's in for about two shots). Sasuke would serve as a very good offense once Pein's chubby body is taking out of the picture.
there was a thread on sasuke and itachi vs pein and it was discussed that uchiha bros win.

now you throw in kakashi. GG
Team Sharingan wins.

Itachi could solo with Susanoo. Kakashi would be able to suck a few bodies into a black hole with his MS. Sasuke can just stand around, kick back, and have drink.

Kakashi would drain himself completely trying to warp one of Pein's body to another dimension. We don't even know if that's possibly seeing the way he handled Deidara's arm. Sasuke would lose to Absorbing and Summoning Pein. That's leaves the remaining three who have unknown skills and abilities...
Good luck trying to target a guy faster than any of the Sharingan users.

Pain keeps his Ressurection Body back and goes hell for leather, ridding the world of a few more Sharingan.
Team sharingan takes this

its 1 vs 2

Sasuke with snakes and Manda or Itachi with Susanoo can take summoner
Sasuke with Kusanagi or Kakashi with black hole jutsu can take fat Pein
remainig 4 body are schit- Yahiko can make flowers grown with his rain, medic is not fighting type, those with taijutsu and rocket punch are bitches so fight ends with easy win

Pein is such a looser- if Konan wouldnt be his bitch she wouldnt lie so much to Madara
What are team sharingan going to do against spam of summons, some of you will say crap like they will Genjutus them and turn them against Pein, they can't Genjutsu so many summons can they.
While they are busy with the summons they get stabbed.

*waits for fellow Uchiha fans to react*
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