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Team Iron Sand Runs an Akatsuki Gauntlet.


Well-Known Member
Team Iron Sand will Work Together to fight Rounds of Akatsuki Members in a Gauntlet.

Team Iron Sand:
(3 Members)

#1. Sasori

#2. Orochimaru with Edo 3rd Kazekage

3) Current Boruto Version Shinki

----->Team Iron Sand gets Recovered back to 100% Every Round They Win.
----->Manga & Anime Feats Allowed.
----->Everyone gets Sealing Tags.

Mindset: In Character with Serious Intent.

Location: Madara vs 5 Kage.

Starting Distance: 50 Feet apart away from each other.

Knowledge: None for all.

Win By: Death. Or KO if Death is not an option. Or Neutralization if that's not Available. Being Sealed Away for Edos.

How Far Does Team Iron Sand Get?

#1. WA Zetsu Clone

#2. Juzo

#3. Hidan

#4. Konan (Restrictions: Paper Ocean/600 Billion Paper Bombs)

#5. Kakuzu

#6. Deidara (Restrictions: C-0)

#7. Taka Sasuke (Killer B Fight)

#8. Hidan & Kakuzu

#9. Guru Guru Yamato

#10. Tendo Pain (Restrictions: No CT or CST)

#11. Kisame with Samehada

#12. Itachi

#13. Itachi & Juzo

#14. Deidara & Sasori

#15. Taka Sasuke (Danzo Fight)

#16. Team Taka (FKS/Danzo Fight)

#17. Itachi & Kisame

#18. Konan (with Paper Ocean/600 Billion Paper Bombs)

#19. Tendo Pain (No Restrictions)

#20. Yellow Mask Obito (Masked Man) with 9 Tails Beast (Kurama)

#21. Orange Mask Obito (with Izanagi)

#22. 6 Paths of Pain

#23. 6 Paths of Pain & Konan

#24. White Mask Obito (Restrictions: Edo Jinchuuriki Paths)

#25. (Rejuvenated) Edo Nagato & Edo Itachi

#26. The Whole Akatsuki (20 Members) (Hidan, Zetsu, Konan, Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu, Orochimaru, Kisame, Itachi, 6POP, Orange Mask Obito, Team Taka)

#27. White Mask Obito with 6 Edo Tensei Jinchuuriki Paths

#28. Juubito


Then they get to 10 at most and stop there for sure. The ST pain used to one shot the boss toads can easily kill shinki and sasori and while the kazekage and possibly oro may not die they will still lose as a result of BFR.
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