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I am perturbed by this Susano'o thing for some time. It seems to have not much of a weakness. It is not clear if it is a summon or a spiritual energy mass that is being controlled by the MS user.

What I am trying to search are manga-rules possible ways of defeating the MS jutsus. Of the known other 2 jutsus, we already can get at some conclusive solutions:

1> Tsukuyomi: a: Don't look into user's eyes
b: Blind the user
c: Use Kage Bunshins
d: Have a sharingan and same blood as user but only more hate..
e: move faster than user can follow and hurt the user before
user gets chance to do otherwise

2> Amaterasu: a: Again, the very effective Bunshin feint
b: Large amounts of Goukyako jutsu to have the user's eyes
start hurting so that the user can't use the technique much
c: The sealing technique Jiraiyah used to seal away the flames
d: Die and then haunt the user to death as a ghost...Not funny :notrust

But this Susanoo seems much more complex to analyze.

Is it a summon, if so, does it have a free will and takes decisions by itself? If not, then how is Itachi controlling it? Does he see through is eyes? Does he do it like controlling a remote controlled car? If Itachi is controlling it, how much chakra gets used in doing it?

Does this thing have an actual physical body or is tit a mass of chakra/energy that has a sword extension? If it is made up of energy, like all other energy flows, does it have its weak points upon hitting which the whole thing just collapses? If its a physical body, what are its limitations with speed and amount of work it can do?

This sword...Does it pierce only physical matter or chakra made protection coats as well? If it is only a sword that sends stuff across dimensions, then why was it able to cut the snake-heads of Yamato no Orochi but not send them into a dimesion whereas it sent only Orochimaru to the dimension without sending the snake...If it selectively targets, then how does it target? Can we fool it again by a bunshin?

Is it linked to the eyes of the user? If the user's eyes are destroyed then does it go away?

The only ways I have been able to think of are:

1> If the thing has a free will and decision taking power, fool it to takeout Itachi instead of you and/or divert/blind it while you go after Itachi

2> If it is conrolled by Itachi, either use the bunshin technique to fool 'em while you give Itachi a one blow K.O. or just move faster than Itachi can follow.

Not very promising scenarios both of them.

So basically, this thread is an open invitation for people to provably answer some of the proposed questions and/or to find ways of defeating Susano'o
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Susano-o covers the user in a perfect defense, and actively extends itself outward to divert and even slash and stab at opponents. Sound familiar?

Gaara did this, but without the same level of power and the sealing aspect, and with the added cost/benefit of an elemental lean on his chakra.

One way to defeat Susano-o is to overpower it, using a superior chakra to penetrate a point on Susano-o and kill its user. Very few techniques could do this; even Amaterasu falls short since we've already seen it can halted by being sealed up. Likewise, the blade Kusanagi may not penetrate, we've seen lesser forces halt that blade before. The best shot at it would probably be a Kyuubi-Ball-Blast since it may have enough power to oversaturate and penetrate, or the Kakashi Mangekyou Technique since it may be able to send a portion of Susano-o to another dimension and at the very least take a chunk out of the user. Basically, only crazy-assed bijuu hax or another Sharingan hax could keep up with this in power.

As for other defenses, one could take the entirety of the earth out from under the user of Susano-o and let them sink, then cover them over. I could see Yamamoto or Gaara doing this; they have (or had) that level of power and skill. Alternatively you could put the user underwater. Just, something to totally cover them in hostile environment and prevent escape as best as possible.

Another means of contending with Susano-o is of course genjutsu. Jiraiya's sound-based ultimate genjutsu prison would isolate the user of Susano-o, and with it in use the user would likely be under too much strain to use powers akin to Tsukyomi to try and break free of it. Though this may not cancel Susano-o, it would still disable the user and allow you to at the very least escape from him.

And another way, possibly, is to simply walk right through Susano-o and knock the user out with one punch. I suspect Madara/Tobi "might" be capable of this maneuver.

With enough speed, or the ability to divert large quanta of chakra, someone could also potentially avoid the assault of Susano-o until the user ran down and had to deactivate the jutsu. Every jutsu has its limit, and if you can avoid it in a way that is more energy-efficient than the jutsu itself then you still win.

So don't think Susano-o is unbeatable in all practical's simply a powerful technique which deservedly requires a very powerful counterattack to hope to confront successfully.
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